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Data Visualization Storyboarding Software

Understand data with ease and tell captivating stories.

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Monitor of data

Simplify self-service data visualization

Accelerate decision-making across all lines of business with self-service data visualization and real-time business intelligence (BI) analysis. 

Data on a bar chart

Acquire and arrange data with ease

Cleanse your data – from XLSX, CSV files and SAP HANA – in preparation for visualizing BI. Add measures, calculations, and groupings without scripting.

Pie chart on a monitor

Deliver compelling, informative stories

Engage decision makers with informative BI visualizations, data stories, and infographics with advanced charts and maps available in a flexible workflow.


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Visualize data right on your PC

Build informative visualizations on your PC with a few clicks. Visualize large volumes of data without sacrificing performance, security, speed, and scale.

Manipulate and transform data with ease

Transform and manipulate data with a few clicks. Cleanse and prepare data – and add measures, calculations, and groupings – all without any scripting.

Let the data tell your story

Use a fluid drag-and-drop interface to quickly create eye-catching BI visualizations, compelling data-driven storyboards, and meaningful infographics.

Acquire data from multiple sources

Access and blend BI from a variety of data sources – from XLSX and CSV files to databases and SAP HANA – with greater ease and to gain deeper insight.

Use built-in visualizations and custom extensions

Create engaging BI visualizations, data stories, and stunning infographics with cutting-edge charts and maps built into a fast, flexible workflow.

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