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Product Implementation

Help ensure a successful implementation by tapping into the expertise and experience that SAP has acquired after decades of standardizing processes.
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Use SAP Launch methodology for on-time implementation

Learn how the built-in implementation approach reduces TCO and deployment time, while maintaining the flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Plan your implementation

Simplify your implementation

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View integration scenarios

Review integration scenarios for SAP Business ByDesign for information on integrating the software with third-party on-premise and cloud solutions.

Integrate custom data

Consult the custom data integration guide for SAP Business ByDesign for an overview of the architecture options needed to merge data from your legacy systems.

Connect to your existing apps

Access the technical connectivity guide for on-demand, on-premise, and hybrid applications to learn how to connect SAP Business ByDesign to your existing apps.

Discover Web service APIs

See how Web service APIs simplify integration with SAP Business ByDesign with secure remote access to data and processes based on standards such as SOAP and WSDL.

Optimize your operations

Upgrade your product

The continuous release cycle of SAP Business ByDesign consists of four releases per year, scheduled for February, May, August, and November.

Why upgrade?

Plan your upgrade

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SAP Business ByDesign road map

Get detailed information about planned timelines, envisioned new functionality, and impact so you can plan accordingly.

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