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The Passionates: how they are changing your strategy

Meet the Passionates – an influential group that are making community and environmental well-being central to the mission of business leaders. Our research explores how they’re rewriting the rules of corporate leadership.

Leading large: what the marketplace wants from leaders today

Your most important stakeholders want you to look beyond the bottom line and start changing the world for them – and with them.

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Leading thinkers and documentaries provide inspiration and new perspectives that challenge the status quo.

The Passionates: values and emotions will shape the future of business

How much should you care about an especially demanding minority of your market?

Millennials’ passions influence their decisions

Members of this group, now in their 20s and 30s, are focused on work-life balance and addressing social issues.

Generation X: in search of reasons for hope

Members of this group, now in their 40s and 50s, are focused on work-life balance – and looking for uplifting signs both as consumers and in their jobs.

Research findings: Boomers want integrity in work and life

As consumers and prospective employees, members of this demographic are looking for quality healthcare and ethical leaders.

What Generation Z wants from businesses

Our research shows that Generation Z holds passionate views about companies they patronize and work for.

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