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Digital business

Everything you need to know to shape your corporate digital strategy, from supply chain to data and process management.


Evaluating nearshoring? Here are five realities

Decisions about proximate sourcing should factor in costs, available resources, and data-sharing with supply chain partners.

How to build – and benefit from – a supplier diversity program

Enterprises can glean long-lasting value from their diverse supplier initiatives with the right leadership and data metrics.

What to do when the river doesn’t flow

Near-term and future planning steps supply chain specialists can take when valuable riverways become unreliable.

How to know where to spend your security budget

Data-informed methodologies and tools are maturing for leaders who want to measure and manage cyber risks.

How manufacturing adapts to disruption

Learn how manufacturers are adapting to be more flexible and greener without breaking the bank.

What to do about supply chain crime

Reduce the chance of having assets stolen in transit by rethinking risk assessment, building awareness, and improving supply chain visibility.


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