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How to run SAP Vora on Amazon Web Services

By Daniel Wroblewski

Step by step guide to Launch SAP Vora Developer Edition in AWS on Vora 1.3

How-To Details

This How-to is a step-by-step guide for launching SAP Vora Developer Edition in AWS on Vora 1.3.

Step 1: Vora sign-up

Visit the SAP Vora Sign-up page to sign up for the SAP Vora Developer Edition for AWS.

Register for the SAP Vora Developer Edition. Enter the necessary details.

Vora signupVora signup

Access the SAP Vora Developer Edition. There are some useful videos and documentation links at the page shown in the following image.

Vora home page

After clicking on SAP Vora Developer Edition on AWS, in the browser, the following privacy error is displayed. Choose the advanced settings.

Vora home page

Choose Proceed to Vora sign-up… to ignore the privacy error.

Vora home page

Enter the user details and select the product from the product list and choose the AWS region.

Read and accept the EULA

Get the link to the Image (AMI) in the AWS console

Step 2: Launch manager instance in AWS

Click the link for SAP Vora AMI, right click on the image and click Launch.

Vora AMI sign-up

Enter the required details and choose the AWS region in which you wish to launch the cluster.

Vora AMI sign-up

Accept the End User License Agreement to get the link to the AMI.


The ID is shown here:

Step 3: Configure instance details

Select the AWS instance type m4.2xlarge and click on Next : Configure Instance Details. For Network, choose the VPC created earlier and enable “Auto-assign Public IP”. Click Review and Launch.


Edit the Security Group and choose the Security group created earlier.

Security groupsSecurity groupsSecurity groups
Step 4: Launch instance

Launch the instance after verifying all the selections by clicking Launch.

Security groups

Choose the SSH key pair. If none exists, create one and store it safely for connecting to the instance using SSH.

Click on Launch Instances.

Security groups
Step 5: View the instance

View the instance status in the console. Wait until the instance status check shows 2/2 checks passed.

Security groupsSecurity groups

Now the SAP Vora instance is ready for cluster configuration and management.

Next Steps

Updated 03/04/2018

Time to Complete

20 Min.




  1. Amazon Web Services account. Create AWS account or use existing account.
  2. SSH key pair. Refer to the Amazon documentation. Store the pem file in safe location. For windows generate a .ppk file using putty-gen.
  3. AWS credentials. Create active Access and Secret Key and store CSV in a safe location to be used later. Refer to the Amazon documentation.
  4. VPC setup. Refer to Create a VPC in AWS for SAP Vora Developer Edition in AWS
  5. AWS Security Group for Vora Cluster. Refer to Set up Security Groups in AWS VPC for SAP Vora for the steps.
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