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Install a REST client

By Abdel Dadouche

Install a REST client to interact with the SAP Cloud for predictive services

You will learn


Step 1: Install Google Chrome

If you haven’t done so yet, please install Google Chrome.

Step 2: Install the Postman extension for Chrome

Open Google Chrome and install the Chrome Postman extension.

Step 3: Install the Postman Interceptor extension for Chrome
Step 4: Configure Postman

Click on Apps

Google Chrome

Click on the Postman icon

You will get access to all the Google Chrome installed extension.

Click on Postman


You are almost set to move to the next tutorial.


Enable the Interceptor by clicking on the Interceptor icon as highlighted.


Click on the “Tools” icon Postman, then select “Settings” from the menu.

Enable the “Automatically follow redirects” option as highlighted.


Now, you can to move to the next tutorial.

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