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Integrate and extend business processes and SAP solutions to differentiate yourself from the competition, digitalize your processes and workflows, and benefit from a wide range of application development and integration capabilities on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Whether it be through our modular integration suite; efficient extension suite; enterprise-grade security framework; best practices in no-, low-, and pro-code development; or programming models for the cloud-native developer, you can achieve results faster while staying flexible and agile.

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    • Connecting Your Enterprise with SAP Integration Suite: Connect people, processes, data, and devices nearly everywhere, allowing people with different skill sets to use wide-ranging synergic integration approaches, intuitive tools, and prepackaged content.
    • Digitalizing Processes and Workflows with SAP Solutions: Become empowered to automate, extend, and improve business processes and workflows with our tools for experts, citizen developers, and business users alike to maximize efficiency and gain comprehensive process visibility.
    • Establish an Engaging User Experience Across Different Channels: Optimize employee engagement and business impact by realizing a consistent and tailored user experience.
    • Building and Managing Cloud Extensions Using Programming Models, APIs, and Tools: Accelerate the development of your application extensions by combining development efficiency services, guidelines, and best practices. Whether you want to dive deep into code or use no-code development, SAP solutions empower developers of varying expertise.
    • Developing Scalable Multi-Cloud Applications on a Secure Platform Foundation: Explore a platform powered by a multi-cloud foundation that is open and scalable. Enterprise security services from SAP support your identity and security requirements.
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