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Customer Snapshot: Overview

2 Million square feet of food in their distribution centers.

Meeting the needs of today’s hungry consumer isn’t easy. When we step into a grocery store, we expect everything on our list to be in stock, fresh, priced right, and easy to find so we can get in and out as quickly as possible. Texas-based, Brookshire Grocery Company (BGC) understands this, and has made the customer experience their main priority since 1928.   BGC implemented the SAP Promotion Management for Retail application to improve marketing and merchandising collaboration, and reduce promotional costs.

Brookshire Grocery Company

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
SAP Consulting


Tyler, Texas, USA

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Suite, SAP Consulting, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP for Retail, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Promotion Management for Retail

Customer Snapshot: History

Exceptional Service Since 1928

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Great Shopping Experience, and Rewards for Loyal Customers

BGC operates under the philosophy of superior service, quality products, and competitive prices. Their primary concern is to serve their dedicated customers by offering the freshest produce, highest quality meats, and most personable service. Also focused on providing value, Brookshire’s Thank You Card loyalty program is a simple and easy way for customers to save, and for Brookshire’s to reward them and thank them for their consistent support.

Traditional personal carry-out service is one of their signature traits — representing a desire to make shopping a great experience.

The Challenge

Old Systems Won’t Work for Growing Business

Nearly a decade ago, BGC realized their existing software systems couldn’t keep up with their pace of growth. The disparate systems slowed processes, duplicated data, and increased costs throughout the company. To stay competitive and maintain high standards for product quality and customer service, BGC needed to upgrade to a modern software platform that would integrate all of their business processes and data.

Enter SAP

Choosing a System that Fits Food

BGC underwent a lengthy evaluation process to determine the best business software for their specific needs. Early on in the business transformation, BGC’s main goal was to integrate financial, human resources (HR), and manufacturing processes at their corporate headquarters, retail locations, and manufacturing facilities.
Most recently BGC focused on improving marketing and merchandising collaboration and reducing promotional costs. BGC felt SAP offered the most unified software system with integrated business processes, data, and business intelligence functionality.

BGC was also confident that SAP was firmly committed to the retail industry and developing future innovations.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Power in Phases
Working with the SAP Consulting organization for program oversight, BGC deployed SAP functionality in phases. First, they implemented the core finance and reporting, HR, and payroll solutions. Next, they focused on retail-specific solutions for procurement, inventory management, and forecasting and replenishment. Then, they completed a manufacturing and maintenance project with functionality for manufacturing, product costing, plant maintenance, and sales and distribution. A ramp-up coach as well as technical and functional resources were provided by SAP Consulting to support the implementation.
Most recently BGC implemented the SAP Promotion Management for Retail application to improve marketing and merchandising collaboration and reduce promotional costs.

Better Business

It Takes a Whole Team

BGC identifies many implementation best practices as critical to success. Executive-level sponsorship and empowering employees to make quick decisions were instrumental. Selecting the best people in the organization to be a part of the team and then dedicating them full-time to the project was also key.
A formal change management program that included regular communication to employees, frequent meetings with stakeholders, and ongoing training throughout the enterprise helped to ensure end-user adoption. BGC also stresses the importance of working with an experienced and knowledgeable integration partner.

Better Business: Benefits

Keeping it Good and Fresh Means A LOT Behind the Scenes

SAP Business Suite has provided BGC with the necessary tools and functionality to meet their current business needs while offering flexibility for growth. Thanks to the SAP Consulting organization, BGC staff is now able to access timely and up-to-date data and analysis tools to enable better decision making, faster closings, and more timely financial reports.

Some specific benefits since implementing SAP ERP HCM to streamline and integrate HR processes: 
Ensured Consistency with standardized and consolidated workforce policies and processes
Provided Employees with new benefits plans
Centralized Database with consistent and timely data to support HR and business - related decisions
Eliminated 715 Manual reports and other laborious tasks with automation - increasing transparency of all HR processes
Reduced Cost of ownership with user-friendly reports that HR staff can run without IT help

Like most grocers, BGC advertises weekly merchandise promotions using print ads, inserts, flyers, and in-store displays with product images and price incentives. SAP Promotion Management for Retail allows BGC to plan and design promotional print layouts and assign sections of the layout to different merchandise categories or buyers. BGC can also use the application to perform financial modeling and simulations to compare price offer effectiveness and estimate margin gains.

With SAP Promotion Management for Retail in place, BGC is experiencing the following business benefits:
Improved Productivity achieved better collaboration among vendors, marketing, category managers, and advertising execution groups
Increased Promotional Effectiveness enabled automated, timely, and targeted advertising by product, category, and zone
Gained Accurate Forecasts provided visibility into the projected financial performance of each promotional event before it's launched
Lowered Promotional Costs reduced the time and output required to proof, review, and print advertisements

Better Business: Run Simple

Fresh Today, Fresher Tomorrow

SAP gives BGC the stable and flexible technology platform required to address retail and manufacturing market changes. BGC expects this flexibility to support their short and long-term growth plans of expanding into new markets.

By having access to consolidated information on a single platform, executives are able to anticipate customer needs and offer an inspired shopping experience.

Journey Ahead

Holding to a Heritage, Positioned for Growth
Throughout their history, BGC has made headlines by giving back to the communities they serve. By forming a long-term partnership with SAP, the customer-focused heritage established by Wood T. Brookshire will continue to flourish now, and into the future.
With each new implementation, the company further transforms and streamlines operations for growth and takes another step toward achieving their consistent mission—to provide great food and shopping experiences to their loyal customers. A mission everyone can appreciate.
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