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Customer Snapshot: Overview

900% Growth from 2009-2012

When business grows at warp speed, the challenge is to meet clients’ needs without missing a beat. After only 6 years in business, Franklin Valve hit a major growth spurt, experiencing a 900% growth over their next 4 years. Franklin Valve expanded their warehouse space by 60% to meet the growing demands of their clientele, but managing inventory in this larger space was overwhelming the small team on the floor.

Manual processes to locate parts were tedious and time-consuming. With up to 30 unique parts required for a typical valve assembly, it sometimes took up to an hour just to pick all the parts for that one valve. It was clear they needed a new automated system. They turned to SAP Business One, and, with the help of Softengine USA, implemented a mobile warehouse inventory management system, reducing the time to locate all valve parts from an hour to an instant.

Franklin Valve L.P.

US$23 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Houston, Texas, USA

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Implementation Partners
Softengine USA

Oil & Gas

Customer Snapshot: History

Getting Better All the Time

Established in 2003, Houston, Texas-based Franklin Valve is a privately held company that has become an industry leader with its design and manufacture of the DuraSeal Double Block and Bleed Plug (DBB) valve. The company’s products are distributed worldwide and their customers include high-profile companies such as Chevron HI, BP, Ecopetrol, Magellan, Kinder Morgan, Pertomina, CITGO, Transmontaigne and Plaines, among others.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Quality + Service = Growth

Founded in 2003, Franklin Valve serves a wide range of industries including oil and gas, utilities, and aviation. The company is dedicated to high-quality products and exceptional customer service, which has resulted in quick growth. Franklin Valve places the highest value on product quality and customer service and are committed to positioning Franklin’s DuraSeal as the premier DBB valve on the market.

130% growth from $10 million in 2012 to $23 million in 2014

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Full Steam Ahead: Advanced Solutions Keep a Growing Company Moving Forward

From oil and gas to utilities to aviation, businesses around the world rely on the strength and durability of valves from Franklin Valve. To keep up with demand and sustain its quick-paced growth rate, Franklin Valve moved its operations to a much larger facility. To meet its needs, Franklin Valve decided to implement an end-to-end ERP solution covering purchasing, planning, production, inventory management, and sales support. It also integrated a mobile warehouse management system to simplify inventory transfers and cycle counts.

The Challenge

More Needles in a Bigger Haystack

Locating valve assembly parts can be like searching for a needle in a haystack when you’re working with a manual inventory system. With 60% more warehouse space and a growing demand for parts, staff was overwhelmed with time-consuming requests to manually assemble more orders than ever before in an even bigger space. Manual processes also made inventory management and tracking an ongoing challenge.

Our most pressing objective was to find a solution that would help us instantly locate and track our most precious assets – our inventory. —Brittani Collins, Warehouse/IC Manager

Enter SAP

Thinking Inside the Bin With an Out-of-the-Box Solution

Franklin Valve selected SAP Business One, which offers comprehensive ERP functionality, covering purchasing, planning, production, inventory management and sales support. Working with Softengine, they also integrated Softengine’s warehouse management system – WMSOne – to deliver real-time inventory management using a simple barcode scanner. A single employee can now count, track, categorize and complete a full inventory in seconds, and receives alerts when inventory needs to be restocked.

Time to locate parts for a valve assembly: Down from 1 hour to 1 instant

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

An Inventory Tracking Solution that Saves Time and Money

With SAP Business One, Franklin Valve can now instantly track and locate inventory, saving money and time. Bar-code scanners make it easy for employees to quickly see what is in each bin, move items as needed, and to work more independently.

1 person to run a complete inventory of a 65,000 Square Foot Warehouse

Better Business

Complete Warehouse Visibility

With inventory and accounting transactions fully integrated, data quality, accuracy, and reporting speed are greatly improved. The team incorporated simple drag-and-relate functionality to generate customized purchasing, customer, and vendor reports in real-time. Franklin Valve can now closely monitor inventory levels and maintain optimum quantities year round, getting alerts when supplies are low and avoiding over-ordering to free up capital and improve cash flow.

Better Business: Benefits

Running Leaner and Faster

A process that once took up to an hour locating parts for a valve assembly was transformed to an almost instantaneous transaction, thanks to a clever visualization tool. This tool makes it easy to see an exploded view of a part number and its relationship to all associated bills of materials. One single innovation has simplified invoicing, deliveries, purchasing, and more. SAP helps Franklin Valve Run Simple with more tools like this one. Franklin Valve now employs a more independent, empowered workforce, with a more streamlined and efficient warehouse management.

Better Business: Run Simple

From receiving goods to shipping finished products, every phase of the process is efficient and reliable with SAP Business One. We’re a small company and this project was a major undertaking. In the end it was a big success. — Brittani Collins, Warehouse and IC Manager, Franklin Valve L.P.

Journey Ahead

Ready to Keep Growing

Franklin Valve’s new system is flexible, scalable, and ready for the future. No matter how many more bins and parts are brought into the warehouse, the system will keep pace and the shop floor will be under control.

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