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Customer Snapshot: Overview

93.7% faster query execution

From avionics to flight controls, Sagem helps protect the people who protect so many of us. To streamline production by dramatically increasing operational efficiency, it migrated its SAP Business Warehouse application to the SAP HANA platform. Now Sagem employees are more productive, increasing safety and security for soldiers and civilians alike.


€1.28 billion

Number of Employees

Aerospace & Defense

Paris, France

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Manufacturing, R&D/Engineering, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Digital Business Services (DBS), SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx), SAP Business Warehouse, SAP MaxAttention

Customer Snapshot: History

Sagem is a leading global provider of optronics, avionics, electronics, and critical software for civil and military markets. Sagem is part of Safran, an international manufacturer of aerospace, defense, and security products. Safran was created in 2005 by the merger of Sagem and Snecma, one of the world’s largest builders of aircraft and rocket engines.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Research and Technology for the Strongest Defense

Sagem builds high-performance products and systems by devoting much of its resources to research, technology, development, and industrialization (RDTI). Engineers help Sagem expand its highly diversified technologies by analyzing its current products and optimally integrating them into new products for the future.
This innovative spirit has resulted in the latest advances in products like submarine periscopes, modular combat infantry systems, tactical situational awareness technology, and man-machine interfaces for helicopters featuring multifunction LCD glass cockpits.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Meet the Demand to Keep People Safe and Secure

Sagem wants to streamline production to meet growing demand for solutions that protect peacekeepers, help defend borders, and support safe aviation and naval travel. A major strategic initiative to support these goals is the “One IS” initiative, in which Safran is unifying business processes across its various operating groups and subsidiaries. Specifically, Safran is implementing new technologies that leverage real-time data to transform function-based operations to role-based operations, starting with operations at Sagem.

The Challenge

Data was Dragging Down Performance

Sagem is pursuing a harmonized business process platform that will serve its interests for many years to come, which include support for search and rescue, military, and public safety professionals who rely on technology to save lives. Before initiating the One IS initiative, performance issues and occasional system outages due to growing data volumes were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Sagem’s existing Oracle database was approaching the end of its useful lifespan and provided only limited database housekeeping functions. Furthermore, fragmented data, restrictive analysis, and cumbersome reporting procedures inhibited timely analysis for actionable decision making.

Enter SAP

Uniting to Drive a Technology Roadmap

Sagem has been running SAP applications, including the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application, for many years. More recently, Sagem collaborated with SAP on the One IS initiative, during which the two companies worked closely to realign Sagem and Snecma on a single IT roadmap.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Embedded Experts Supporting Best Practices

SAP reinforced its commitment to Sagem by working closely with numerous CIOs from across the company to demonstrate the value of running SAP BW powered by SAP HANA. Teams assessing the potential impact of Big Data on Sagem identified how in-memory technology could reduce total cost of ownership of the company’s data infrastructure while delivering significant business benefits.
By leveraging the SAP MaxAttention offering, Sagem took advantage of embedded experts from the SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) organization. Using a combination of professional guidance and implementation best practices, SAP helped launch the SAP HANA platform without business interruption and upgraded Sagem’s SAP BW install to make data available to more users.
I have never seen such a successful project in terms of planning. It was delivered on time, notably thanks to SAP MaxAttention services. Thierry Milhe, CIO, Sagem

Better Business

Vital Insights to Support Aviation, Naval, and Civil Defense Needs

Sagem takes its dedication to protecting people on land, in the air, and at sea seriously. Thanks to SAP HANA, more than 400 users in critical functions, including finance and supply chain, are able to collect data with greater ease and speed. Furthermore, managers are gaining vital insights into business processes, which help them make smarter decisions faster. SAP Business Explorer tools empower key users to perform queries without having to involve IT personnel, which simplifies workflows and improves worker productivity.

Better Business: Benefits

Dramatically Faster Performance that Builds Business and Relationships

The results of Sagem’s transition to SAP HANA have been dramatic. Average query execution has been cut by 93.7%, cache execution dropped 98%, and data load times fell 56.5%. Data activation times dropped 94.1% and data volumes shrank by 79.4%.

New relationships have also been cultivated between Sagem’s IT organization and business units, building a stronger alliance.
15x faster query execution
4.85x data volume compression
52x faster cache execution
2.3x faster data load times
17x faster data activation

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Efficiency Without Disruption

Leveraging the SAP MaxAttention offering enabled a quick and efficient migration of Sagem’s SAP BW application to the SAP HANA platform. By following best practices for a safe implementation and launch, Sagem learned that the SAP Active Global Support organization can help it continue to expand its use of SAP HANA without disrupting business, and gain tremendous efficiencies once expansion is completed.

Better Business: Run Simple

Widening the Front in the Quest for Real-Time Operations

The unqualified success of the SAP software implementation at Sagem has prompted parent company Safran to roll out SAP HANA to the rest of its operations. Safran and SAP are working to identify high-priority goals and develop processes for the joint development of Safran as a real-time business.

Journey Ahead

Supporting the Infantry of the Future

Sagem seeks to create competitive differentiation by leveraging and embedding SAP HANA into real-time solutions. Potential applications could include collecting and analyzing sensor data in real time from the FELIN system. SAP HANA can handle a variety of Big Data types and events, such as streaming sensor, geospatial, and unstructured data, which could support situational awareness during critical events.
Such abilities give Sagem tremendous capacity for developing new products that correspond to its main businesses and markets of those who transport, protect, and defend the people and objects that are precious to us.
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