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David Lincourt 

Solution Expert – Defense & Security

David's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


Having empathy for our customers is one of the major lessons I have learned during my tenure at SAP. If a product isn’t working correctly, I don’t try to sell that it does work. Instead, I ask questions.

David Lincourt

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of technology and computers. To me, computers were a way to help people and to solve problems. I have carried that affinity for helping people throughout my career in the Canadian Armed Forces and now as a Solution Expert at SAP.

I joined the military when I was 16, as a young high schooler in Quebec, Canada. I went to the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, just outside of Montreal, and then to the Royal Military College of Canada in Ontario. Although I graduated with an engineering degree, I knew eventually I wanted to pursue a career in technology.

After graduating, I became a Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Officer, otherwise known as a maintenance officer in the Army. At one point, there was a challenge with putting together readiness reports from paper records. It took forever to do so every week. I thought to myself, there has a to be an easier way to do this. I built a database that allowed me to run reports very quickly. Computers make things easier, no different than the screwdriver or wrench that maintenance technicians use.

I was able to put my love of computers in practice when I joined a project for the Canadian Armed Forces, building a computerized engineering & maintenance system. This was my first introduction to SAP’s software. I spent the next several years working with SAP products, and networking with many SAP employees. I saw their passion for innovation, and for helping customers to run their business. After 20 years in the Canadian Armed forces, I decided now was the time to retire from the military, and I joined SAP.

My extensive military experience was perfectly paired with my new role at SAP, where I enable our military customers around the world how to best use SAP products in their unique industry. After 20 years here, I still truly love working at SAP, because I am still helpful to my customers. The day I don’t feel helpful is the day I know it’s time to move on.

As I progressed my career in the military, I always had to learn new skills in a new job. Every two years or so, I had a new job, new colleagues, and new problems to solve. This experience has served me well at SAP, where we are constantly learning to be relevant, to be innovative, to be . . . you guessed it, helpful to our customers. Having empathy for our customers is one of the major lessons I have learned during my tenure at SAP. If a product isn’t working correctly, I don’t try to sell that it does work. Instead, I ask questions. There is a real art to asking questions. You can’t get to a solution without questions. We are a software development company – development is never finished! We define success as being able to help and get close to our customer’s needs. The needs evolve as technology evolves.

SAP is a company with a conscience, that is more and more important. To me as an employee and to our customers.


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