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Career Events

Number one

SAP Technologies, Solutions, and Industries

Find out about our products and solutions that make the world run better and improve people’s lives. We will talk about sports analytics, business process intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sustainable business plans and coding, and much more.

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Number two


Learn how we operate and innovate, work, play, and give back. We will talk about our SAP values, and big topics like sustainability & climate change, diversity & inclusion, and the Future of Work and learning, just to name a few. 

Mix and match as you like!

You are spoiled for choice. Some time slots run up to three sessions in parallel. No worries, you won't be missing out on anything – all sessions will be recorded and available after the event.

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Number three

SAP Career Paths

Be excited to learn that at SAP, you can be whatever you want to be. Just be the best you are. We will talk about how you can join SAP and how it is to work at SAP, for instance as an IT Consultant, Software Developer, Marketing Specialist or Sales Executive.

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Jobs in spotlight
Early Career Talents – get in the game

We put together a selection of jobs for you that we will pay special attention to as part of the Student Day. Explore, apply, and join the next generation of leaders and thought-shakers at SAP.

Man workng on a laptop in a home office
Pledge to Flex

The Future of Work at SAP is 100% flexible and trust based

View of the office cafeteria in the Metronom in Prague
Take a round-the-world tour of our offices

Join us on a round-the-world tour of SAP offices and learn what makes SAP a special place to work.

SAP Internship Experience Program committee
Student opportunity
Internship Experience Program

Step into dynamic teams. Work on projects where cross-collaboration, creativity, and learning abound.  

STAR program
Master of Science (M.Sc.) TU Munich

Are you planning a master’s degree at the Technical University of Munich and would you like to gain work experience at the same time? Explore the SAP STAR Master’s Program. 

Lobby area at the SAP Experience Center in Bangalore
Your Guide to SAP

Get to know us better. You’ll learn who we are, what we do, and how you can be part of it.

Smiling woman sining up to the SAP Talent Community on her tablet PC
SAP Talent Community

Create your candidate profile and set up alerts for the job areas you’re interested in. You’ll automatically be notified when an opportunity becomes available. 


Do you want to learn more and enrich your skillset? Then our free openSAP courses are for you!

SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Next-Gen

Learn like SAP professionals do, but for free, with SAP Learning Hub.

Coldplay group members
Featured Partnership

SAP is partnering with Coldplay to help the group achieve its sustainability initiatives around their upcoming Music of the Spheres World Tour. 

Diverse group of eSport gamers in action
SAP Esports Experience
SAP's role in esports

Explore how SAP Business Technology Platform helps excite fans at esports events and enable TeamLiquid to analyze in-game data in real-time.

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