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Fuel multichannel engagement with configurable APIs

Connect the last mile between enterprises, SAP solutions, other applications, customers, employees, and things with the SAP Digital Interconnect team.

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Change the way you communicate and do business

Our configurable APIs provide access to programmable digital interfaces and proven messaging channels that can help you simplify and optimize connectivity, reduce network costs, and monetize the IoT and messaging services. With SAP Digital Interconnect, you can trust a digital communications network that processes over 1 billion messages daily.

Services for Enterprises

Interconnect your global ecosystem of organizations, people, and things intelligently to deliver meaningful, multichannel, and digital engagements.

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SAP SMS 365, enterprise service

Engage a messaging channel with extensive reach, quality, and scalability to access enterprise-grade SMPP and HTTPS APIs.

SAP IoT Connect 365, enterprise service

Simplify the management of the IoT, devices, and data with a single contract and connection.

SAP People Connect 365

Maintain business productivity, while improving personal welfare, during planned and unplanned outages and disruptions.

SAP Authentication 365

Deliver more secure and confident digital experiences by validating users and transactions efficiently.

SAP Live Link 365

Provide developers with easy-to-consume API services for e-mail, SMS, and two-factor authentication.

SAP Social Channels 365

Unify communications by orchestrating message routing to improve reach, satisfaction, and conversion.

Services for Developers

Keep your developers engaged with a mobile messaging service that helps them remain competitive in an increasingly sophisticated digital economy.

Services for Mobile Network Operators

Break through messaging, interoperability, and roaming challenges by capitalizing on the IoT and open access to multiple interconnection channels.

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