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SAP에 문의
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Keep your maintenance workers and production assets safe with SAP Work Clearance Management software

Our integrated risk management and safe work permitting software can help ensure a safe job site – no matter what potential hazards your workers face. Proactively assess risks, establish controls, and continuously deliver the right information at the right time – while reducing costs and boosting productivity.

  • Effectively integrate safety and health requirements and procedures into daily maintenance work
  • Consistently assess and report risks – and implement controls – related to tasks, sites, and staff
  • Clearly communicate accurate hazard and safety information to workers where and when it’s needed
  • Enforce safety work procedures to prevent incidents and accidents and improve safety performance
  • Control hazardous energy and maintain safe working conditions with safe work permit processes

What's included

Maintenance Worker Safety Management

Ensure the safety of your maintenance activities by implementing proactive measures to prevent harmful incidents and accidents.

  • Place safety risks and controls into the context of asset management
  • Identify risks by automatically pulling risk information into work orders
  • Create safety measure lists to manage tools, approvals, and safety instructions
  • Automatically propose relevant safety measures in work orders
  • Communicate relevant risks and safety measures on the maintenance work order
Safe Work Permitting System

Identify the maintenance work needed, hazards involved, and precautions to be taken – while complying with federal and local regulations and standards.

  • Define required safety processes and work permit levels for equipment and sites
  • Conduct risk analysis for work orders and assign relevant work permits
  • Identify work to be carried out and the associated requirements
  • Prepare work authorization and acceptance with valid, activated work permits
  • Execute maintenance according to the work order – from testing to closure
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