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SAP Transportation Resource Planning

Key Benefits

Our transportation resource planning software provides visualization, simulation, planning, monitoring, and analysis tools to help you ensure the right resources are available at the right place and time.

Product Capabilities

Functional Capabilities
Track and monitor transportation resources
Keep track of the current stock and status of your transportation resources according to type and location. And monitor resource-relevant key performance indicators.
Forecast supply and demand
Use enhanced computation models to generate accurate forecasts of your resource supply and demand situation. 
Improve transportation resource planning
Simulate scenarios to correct and prevent imbalances in the supply and demand of transportation resources – and help your planners make more informed decisions.
Optimize empty resource movement
Find the optimal locations and dates for the pick-up and return of your transportation resources.
Set up event-triggered alerts
Receive detailed alert information and timely warnings about critical resource situations.
Technical Capabilities


  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 1.0, SPS 10
  • SAP HANA Rules Framework 1.0, SPS 06
Web Browsers
Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
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