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SAP SMS Firewall 365

SAP SMS Firewall 365

Protect your network, subscribers, and margins with a cloud-based SMS firewall

Create a secure firewall for your SMS services with SAP SMS Firewall 365. This cloud-based firewall solution can help operators prevent SMS fraud and grey routes, even for roaming customers. Improve spam detection, avoid SIM boxes, fend off denial of service (DoS) and SMS spoofing attacks – and even improve the monetization of your messaging service traffic.

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Why SAP for SMS Firewall?

With proactive monitoring and filtering, SAP SMS Firewall 365 can help improve messaging monetization by identifying and blocking grey routes, reducing spam and malicious content, and reducing fraudulent traffic. SAP SMS Firewall 365 helps mobile network operators manage today’s messaging ecosystem by providing a cost-efficient, end-to-end solution that optimizes network infrastructure and helps close leaks and assure revenue.
  • Protect and improve more positive customer experiences with fewer unsolicited messages and less messaging abuse
  • Generate more revenue by discerning billable traffic from fraudulent traffic and identifying and managing grey routes
  • Reduce unnecessary network loads without high capital and operating expenditure
  • Eliminate the need to develop, integrate, and manage complex proprietary firewalls

Product Capabilities

Functional Capabilities

Rule-based SMS filter
Assess messages based on a variety of configurable rules – and evaluate multiple parameters (including the content) to enhance spam detection. The service’s anti-spamming capabilities go beyond specific keyword filtering to deliver in-depth content verification.
SMS fraud and grey route prevention
Identify and minimize known types of SMS fraud – and coordinate policies and rules to detect and block unwanted messages. Improve revenue assurance by controlling traffic from grey routes and reducing SMS spoofing, even when a customer is abroad.
Managed cloud-based firewall service

Take advantage of a secure and scalable cloud-based firewall. Our managed cloud service can help you improve SMS security with continuous updates and expert knowledge of the application-to-person (A2P) business.

IPX integration

Reduce transport costs and decrease network congestion with a secure, quality-assured interconnection and a carrier-grade global IP backbone.


Receive monthly reports on all SMS firewall activities – including a traffic summary, A2P traffic volumes, blocked senders, configuration and rules updates, and raw traffic reports.


Technical Capabilities

SMS faking

Messages with faked SMSC address can be identified and rejected thanks to SRI_SM and FSM_MT correlation.

SMS spamming

Content verification via the SAP SMS Firewall 365 service, or via the addition of an enhanced filtering platform.

SMS flooding

Messages sent by the same sender in a set timeframe are verified and blocked if a configurable threshold is met.

SMS malware

SAP SMS Firewall 365 can block OTA/WAP push messages from untrusted sources.

SMS modem farm

The service identifies originators sending messages to an untypically large unique destination number.

Mobile number portability (MNP) dips only SS7

SAP SMS Firewall 365 issues an alert when a high level of SRI messages are detected with no FSMs.

Alphanumeric and short code sender

Alphanumeric and short code senders can be blocked, but filtering rules can be bypassed for white-listed SMSCs.


Purchasing Options

The modular structure of SAP software licenses allows you to license and pay for only the functionality and number of users that you require at any given time. Start with the packages and named user licenses your organization needs right now, and add more users and functionality as your needs evolve.

Product Name SAP SMS Firewall 365
  • Set up fee:  One-time fee paid upfront
  • Revenue share: A minimum monthly charge will apply to cover costs in case revenue targets are not met”
  • Contract terms:  1, 2, or 3 years with auto-renewal for the same duration and exit option on the 12th month
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SAP SMS Firewall 365
  • Set up fee:  One-time fee paid upfront
  • Revenue share: A minimum monthly charge will apply to cover costs in case revenue targets are not met”
  • Contract terms:  1, 2, or 3 years with auto-renewal for the same duration and exit option on the 12th month
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Contact your local SAP account executive for additional purchasing options. For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers.

Product Direction and Innovations

Guidelines for a new SMS ecosystem

“Traditional” person-to-person (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging has evolved – and the rules for engaging consumers have changed too. Explore acceptable and unacceptable use cases in the new SMS ecosystem.

Award winner for best security and fraud solution

SAP SMS Firewall 365 won the Carriers World award for best security and fraud solution in 2016. The winners were determined by votes from the industry cast by over 20,000 individuals.

Training and Certification

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