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SAP에 문의
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System Requirements

View technical information to understand how to implement, manage, and configure SAP Portfolio and Project Management.

Technical prerequisites

Learn about the system, software, configuration, and connectivity requirements for SAP Portfolio and Project Management.

Security and Compliance

Data security

Focus on your business and customer relationships with a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

Data protection and privacy

Support the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions to manage data ownership, security, and privacy. 


Find out how SAP regularly undergoes external reviews and audits to check compliance and supports data security and privacy regulations worldwide.

Deployment Options

On-premise landscapes

Use your own infrastructure or an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider. Customize and extend the application with complete control of your environment.

Private cloud

Get public cloud benefits in a dedicated, privately managed cloud environment with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – best suited for highly customized requirements.


Finance solutions

Plan your next project with precision. Unite your EPPM information with financials and controlling data residing in SAP ERP.

Human resource systems

Optimize the deployment of your talent to address the requirements of various projects with cross-project resource planning.

Business intelligence

Provide comprehensive analytics for data-driven decision-making by using a set of prebuilt InfoCubes and DataStore objects.


Extend SAP Portfolio and Project Management across your entities based on specific requirements and across different software layers by using SAP Fiori apps.

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