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Analytics Applications Design Software

Create and deploy interactive dashboards and analytics applications rapidly to give end users the insight they need anytime and anywhere.

Key Benefits

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Enhance your storyboards with blended data

Turn data-visualization storyboards into a dashboard of compelling, actionable BI insight with the ease and speed your decision-makers demand.

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Control the look and feel of data interactions

Manage how your users interact with the application with event scripts, properties, corporate CSS stylesheets, composites, and ready-to-run templates.

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Improve interoperability for fast development

Create stories and maintain the agility you need to govern, scale, and secure your data with SAP Lumira, discovery edition, and SAP Lumira, designer edition.


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Ease the development of data visualization apps

Create reusable composites without low-level JavaScript programming and with the familiar experience of application development.

Improve the use of BI dashboards and analytics

Use adaptive layout containers to support for a variety of layouts for small, medium, large, and extra-large screen sizes.

Shrink the development cycle of BI dashboards

Use prebuilt templates and guided steps to accelerate the design of data visualizations dashboards with professional results.

Enable Web and mobile access to information

Get the visual BI insight you need from interactive data visualization apps on any mobile device – anytime and anywhere. 

Embed data visualizations and customize extensions

Build engaging visualizations, stories, and infographics with cutting-edge charts and maps built into a fast, flexible workflow.

Acquire insights by blending multiple data sources

Pull together data residing in SAP Business Warehouse; SAP HANA; and a host of on-premise, cloud, and streaming data sources.

Reuse existing data manipulations

Use prepared data sets, conditional formatting, and enriched data to meet information needs that cannot be served with online connectivity.

Integrate with SAP BusinessObjects BI

Integrate data and insight across your organization by using the power of trusted data discovery with SAP BusinessObjects BI.

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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Users

SAP Lumira, designer edition is the successor to SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6.  If you have not already done so, we invite you to upgrade to this latest version and take advantage of the new features that it provides. 


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