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지능형 기업

지능형 기업은 민첩하고 통합된 비즈니스 프로세스에서 고급 기술과 선진사례를 적용하며, 이는 기업의 회복탄력성과 수익성, 지속가능성을 강화해 베스트런 비즈니스를 실현할 토대가 됩니다.

Horizons by SAP

2020년도판 Horizons by SAP에서는 SAP 및 SAP 파트너 에코시스템의 사고 리더들이 지능형 기업 관점에서 기술과, 컨텍스트 인식 시스템의 가치에 대해 논합니다. 

산업 클라우드

혁신적인 수직 애플리케이션을 사용하여 경제적인 혁신과 지속가능한 성장을 추진하세요.

Honeywell, 통합된 데이터로 건물 성능을 개선하기 위해 SAP과 제휴

Environmental Track and Trace

Track sensitive products throughout the supply chain to protect them and maximize their lifecycle.

Throughout the supply chain, companies track materials and products that are sensitive to environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and light. This is necessary to ensure compliance with regulations; eliminate spoilage; and reduce defects, returns, or rework.
Organizations need insight on environmental factors and opportunities to increase employee safety, engagement, and efficiency.

Environmental track and track processes addresses these challenges.

  • Comply with regulatory threshold requirements for items such as temperature-sensitive products
  • Manage regulated materials proactively, inside or outside controlled areas
  • Reduce the cost of quality assurance processes

Companies adopting best practices enforced by SAP solutions obtained:

21 %

less days in inventory.

13 %

lower inventory carrying cost.

67 %

fewer recordable accidents.

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