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Explore the latest releases and updates for SAP HANA

Continuous innovation is a key component of our strategy for SAP HANA. Uncover the features and updates introduced in the latest support package stack (SPS) and stay up to date with breaking news. Use the drop-down below to explore specific release versions.

SPS 03: Database Enhancements

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  • Gain insights on sensitive data and explore new business opportunities while safeguarding data privacy with real time data anonymization.
  • Provide reassurance to your data protection officer with integrated access control, auditing, and anonymization reporting.
  • Simplified security management with extended LDAP integration, enabling automated user provisioning and native LDAP authentication.
  • Easily share complex security authorizations between native SAP HANA Applications/Extensions and SAP Business Applications (e.g. S/4HANA).

Administration and monitoring

  • New visibility and management of data in a distributed system through visual table redistribution monitoring and control.
  • Greatly reduce database administration effort through parallel execution of SQL across many systems and a SQL Statement library to save statements for repeated use.
  • Simplified ability to analyze and simulate workloads to reduce cost/time when implementing
  • High availability for SAP HANA cockpit, enhancing its reliability and ensuring uninterrupted SAP HANA administration and monitoring.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR)

  • Reach higher levels of system availability with multi-target system replication (multi-tier chains of secondary hosts).
  • Improved business continuity through SAP HANA native invisible takeover (fault-tolerant SQL-routing).
  • Simplified ability to fixing logical errors (e.g. dropped tables) with new Secondary Time Travel, without the need of a point-in-time recovery on alternative hardware.

Workload management

  • Reduced administration efforts with wildcard support for workload classification and system level query timeout parameters.
  • Enhanced autonomous statement classification and reduced latency for OLTP workloads to further improve mixed workload scenarios.

SPS 03: Advanced Analytics Processing

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Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Increased performance and agility by building and applying segmented models, e.g. building a separate time series model for each store.
  • Gain high availability and load balancing for TensorFlow™ integrations by configuring multiple TensorFlow Model Servers per server workload.
  • Ensure the best possible model accuracy and model selection using automated hyper parameter search and cross validation.

Text Analysis, Graph and Geospatial data processing

  • Improve the relevance of your search results by including spatial distance in relevance ranking calculations.
  • Extend sentiment analysis to the Japanese economy (which is third largest in the world, based on GDP) by identifying opinions in Japanese character sets

SAP HANA, spatial services

  • Easily integrate SAP HANA spatial services, available in the cloud, into custom business applications.
  • Act with live spatial intelligence, create location-aware business applications faster and adopt advanced spatial capabilities without barriers.

SPS 03: Application Development and Tools Enhancements

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SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service

  • Develop business-ready cloud solutions quickly with a fully managed cloud service and innovate faster with ready-to use business content, built-in enterprise-class data security, and a wealth of services in SAP Cloud Platform and from major cloud service providers.
  • Innovate with live data intelligence and create smart business processes that combine analytics and transactions or agile data marts, that extract insights from data in SAP HANA or virtually connected data sets.
  • Overcome cloud barriers and limits, by running your applications on any cloud of your choice, through a single contract with SAP.

SAP HANA, express edition

  • Get free development experience to the modern in-memory data platform SAP HANA, which can be installed on your personal computer, laptop, or server.
  • Immediately develop real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions on any data, with SAP HANA express edition – now featuring all SAP HANA 2 SPS 03 enhancements.
  • SAP HANA, express edition comes with non-production and production licenses that can be used for personal learning, group training, testing, demo, validation, and productive use.
  • SAP HANA, express edition is now also listed directly on the AWS® Marketplace, in addition to the listings on Google Cloud Platform™, Microsoft Azure®, and the Huawei® Cloud marketplaces.  An additional container image with development and administration tooling has been added in the Docker® Store.
  • Gain enhanced SAP HANA development and administration tools along with Kubernetes® support.

Tools and languages

  • Streamline application development with new built-in and user-defined libraries in SQLScript, native Ruby and Hibernate™ dialect client interface support and new rules for Code Analyzer.
  • Improve enterprise application performance and stability with prepared statement caching, continuous connections during server failover and a plan profiler for performance analysis.

SPS 03: Data Management Enhancements

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Enterprise architecture

  • SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, Cloud Edition now available as an application service on SAP Cloud Platform. Start with architecture and design, even before an SAP HANA system has been set up.
  • Benefit from a flexible model-to-model generation option for hybrid cloud environments by transferring models between on premise and Cloud versions.
  • Define business level structures with a conceptual data model, which can generate the implementation model, using an end-to-end tool.
  • Collaboration features to support multiple stakeholder personas.

Data integration and federation

  • Benefit from additional options to access, synthesize or integrate business data between multiple SAP HANA systems or from external sources, e.g. Apache Spark™ on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services, Microsoft Azure HDInsight®, Google® BigQuery, and Apache Cassandra™ support. 
  • Reduce processing time for high-volume reads with auto-partitioning of the source table with SAP HANA, smart data integration.

Multi-tier storage

  • Leverage all functionality with warm data at lower cost through native SAP HANA extension node support with up to 4x warm data capacity.
  • Benefit from improved performance for cross-store queries, and faster backups to 3rd party tools with reduced storage needs with SAP HANA dynamic tiering.

Persistent memory support

  • SAP and Intel® co-innovate to deliver SAP HANA support for Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory support. 
  • Process larger volumes of data in real-time with increased memory capacity while reducing TCO through lower data management and storage cost.
  • Improve business continuity and reduce downtime through minimized SAP HANA start times, as data is persistent in main memory.

*Note: Hardware now available

SAP HANA Blockchain service (planned release)

Easily leverage blockchain innovation for better trust, traceability and transparency while getting real-time insights form all transactions and streamlining business processes across the entire business landscape. 

  • SAP HANA, with the SAP HANA Blockchain service, provides a single platform providing a unified, holistic view of enterprise data with blockchain data.
  • Monitor and analyze blockchain data to make quick decisions. Take actions by running advanced analytics on blockchain data.
  • Simply build applications leveraging blockchain data on the SAP HANA platform without having to know the complexities of blockchain networks.
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SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 features and functionality.

SPS 02: Database Enhancements

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High availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR)

  • Gain flexibility with the ability to copy/move tenant databases across different multi-tenant environments while system replication is still running.
  • Expand your SAP HANA high availability landscape with the flexibility to deploy multi-tier system replication chains - beyond 2 secondary systems.
  • Simplify active/active, read-enabled access to your data assets through a closer integration with cluster managers.

Workload Management

  • Reduce administration efforts and ensure that important workloads get appropriate resources with SAP HANA's ability to automatically manage incoming database requests according to assigned priorities and enforce limits on the cumulative memory and CPU resources that each user / application / workload class consumes.

Administration and Monitoring

  • Improve efficiency and productivity by assigning administrators to specific user groups and taking advantage of a simplified way to manage user groups, encryption, and database copies within the SAP HANA Cockpit.
  • Enforce best practices across your landscapes by applying standard parameters across SAP HANA systems for centralized control.

SPS 02: Advanced Analytics Processing

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Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Empower users with smarter recommendations from fresh intelligence with a broader support for real-time scoring and with integration to external machine learning frameworks - now including Tensorflow™.
  • Accelerate predictive application development with a simplified way to invoke algorithms and the ability to use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA for developing predictive and machine learning models using SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Libraries (PAL).

Text Analysis, Graph and Geospatial data processing

  • Speed up the deployment of text analysis assets with a simplified end-to-end process all managed through SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA - now including the custom configuration for different data domains and the automatic generation of language-specific inflections for custom dictionaries.
  • Gain faster insight from your connected data sets with new GraphScript extensions to facilitate navigation and manipulations of sub-graphs, inverted graphs, and more.
  • Increase the accuracy and depth of insight from geospatial data with improved validation of geometric objects.

SPS 02: Application Development and Tools Enhancements

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Tools and languages

  • Innovate faster with new and enhanced SQLScript and SQL functions, simplified XML and JSON document handling, and more efficient support for SQL hierarchies.
  • Streamline application development with a more efficient Python driver and a newly released Go driver.

SAP HANA, express edition

  • Get instant access to a modern data platform to develop real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions on any data, at no cost with SAP HANA express edition – now featuring high-speed data provisioning, bulk data movement, and federation through SAP HANA smart data integration.

SPS 02: Data Management Enhancements

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Enterprise landscape management

  • Simplify data and process management across your enterprise landscape with SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer Edition for SAP HANA. Now you can import models from SAP Solution Manager, represent native Datastore Objects, and deliver a comprehensive data movement view across data sources and targets. 

Data integration and federation

  • Get a broader view of your business with an improved integration of external data sources that brings increased performance for data provisioning adapters and a simplified configuration for third-party databases adapters.
  • Streamline the setup and management of federated data access to remote sources with the automatic creation of virtual tables, and ensure the continuous access to remote data with automatic system failover. 

Multi-tier storage

  • Enhance system availability and deliver continuous access to all your data with the support for 2-tier and 3-tier system replication in SAP HANA dynamic tiering.
  • Gain instant access to the data your business needs at a lower cost with faster data transfers from extended stores to memory, and a simplified management through enhanced diagnostic tracing and troubleshooting.
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SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 features and functionality.

SPS 01: Database Enhancements

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Multitenant database

  • Centralize tenant backup and recovery through an intuitive interface in SAP HANA Cockpit.
  • Improve tenant security with separate access ports for different user roles and encrypted connection for end-users.

High availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR)

  • Shorten set-up time for secondary nodes with faster data pre-loads using multi-streaming and parallelization.
  • Increase system availability with continuous data access - on the secondary node -  when the primary server is in restart mode.

Security and compliance

  • Gain additional protection for sensitive and confidential data with dynamic data masking.
  • Ensure that all your data and log backups are always encrypted by using native backup encryption.
  • Increase application isolation, implement enhanced separation of duties, and harden your security settings by leveraging the default multi-container database mode.


  • Lower the time and cost of tuning SAP HANA environments with enhanced workload and SQL analysis.
  • Streamline system upgrades with expanded result comparison capabilities for replayed workloads.
  • Simplify security management with the ability to monitor backup encryption from SAP HANA Cockpit.
  • Get an instant snapshot of your SAP HANA landscape health with ability to monitor multiple performance KPIs in one view or drill-down for additional troubleshooting.
  • Manage and monitor system replication effectively with all the information you need – including network speed and secondary system stats.
  • Simplify backups by using a consistent strategy for all your SAP HANA installations with snapshot-based backup now available for multi-tenant environments.

SPS 01: Advanced Analytical Processing Enhancements

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Document store

  • Enable a new class of applications that take advantage of schema flexibility and semi-structured data with a native JSON document store that is accessible via SQL.
  • Gather new insights by processing structured and semi-structured data in one database.

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Create powerful predictive applications using an extended collection of pre-packaged algorithms and real-time model scoring capabilities.

Streaming analytics

  • Take advantage of enhanced machine learning capabilities – now with the ability to run trained decision tree algorithms against streaming data.

Text analytics and search

  • Understand your customers globally by leveraging sentiment analysis multi-language support – now with extended Arabic and Portuguese support.
  • Allow your applications to search spatial data using enterprise search API.

Graph data processing

  • Analyze graph data more efficiently with enhanced pattern matching and graph traversals in Cypher, expanded GraphScript  support, and hierarchies in SQLScript.

SPS 01: Application Development and Tools Enhancements

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Application server

  • Accelerate the development of new applications with intuitive interfaces tailored to the needs of each user with support for Fiori Launch Pad in SAP HANA Extended Application Server Advanced (XSA).
  • Simplify application troubleshooting and compliance with centralized tracing and access to application audit logs.

Tools and languages

  • Accelerate application development with enhanced graphical modeling for calculation views in Web IDE for SAP HANA.
  • Persist data in new central object (native Data Store Object - DSO) specifically designed for data warehousing (DW) scenarios.
  • Take advantage of enhancement in SQLScript, new SQL Functions and multi-context support in SAP HANA Core Data Services.

SPS 01: Data Management Enhancements

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Data integration and data federation

  • Get a broader view of the business with more data integration sources - Apache Impala - Cloudera; PostgreSQL; Apache Camel JDBC – Generic JDBC adapter – and an enhanced file adapter for real-time access.
  • Gain new insights by combining live transactional data with Big Data in the cloud with transparent access to SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (formerly Altiscale) via SAP HANA Spark Controller.
  • Simplify configuration of data federation with an intuitive import/export of virtual tables across the landscapes.
  • Achieve results faster as the manual creation of virtual tables is no longer required for SAP HANA to SAP HANA access through direct link.

Multi-tier storage

  • Expand backup options with support for third-party tools in multi-tenancy environments.
  • Improve system resilience in multi-tenancy environments with support for system replication for all storage tiers.
  • Enhance system performance and simplify IT landscapes by co-locating in-memory store and extended store on a single host.
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SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01 new
features and functionality.

Adopt SAP HANA 2.0 at Your Pace

SAP now offers you a choice on how rapidly you would like to adopt innovation. Here is what you need to know to decide.
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  • Bring new ideas to life with technology enhancements delivered via support package stacks (SPS)
  • Get technology enhancements twice-a-year; for example, SPS 01 and SPS 02
  • Upgrade required after two SPSs are released to remain compliant with maintenance support (Example: SPS 00 is supported until SPS 02 is released)


  • Run applications in a constant environment without the disruption of support package stack (SPS) upgrades
  • Obtain maintenance revisions (but no new SPSs) until May 2019
  • Upgrade to SAP HANA 2.0 at any time

What’s new in SAP HANA 2.0?

Gain answers to key questions about the next generation of the
SAP HANA platform, optimized for innovation.
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Learn why this new release is ideal for supporting digital transformation in organizations that want to use the latest in in-memory technology to run their business.

SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 00 new features and functionality.

Database Enhancements

High availability and disaster recovery/ backup and recovery

  • Load balance read-intensive operations between a primary and secondary instance of SAP HANA with the active / active-read enabled mode
  • Automate orchestration of HA/DR processes with enhanced SAP Landscape Management integration
  • Optimize workload for 3rd party backup tools by consolidating SAP HANA log backups  


  • Protect data at rest by using SAP HANA’s comprehensive encryption for data and redo log files
  • Reduce TCO by using existing LDAP groups for automatic role assignment
  • Simplify monitoring of security alerts and configuration of security and users in the new SAP HANA cockpit


  • Manage one instance, multiple tenants or thousands of SAP HANA instances within the SAP HANA Cockpit administration and monitoring tool 
  • Prevent run-away queries and manage system thresholds with enhanced workload management
  • Reduce time and cost when implementing change by capturing, comparing and analyzing multiple workload replays

Advanced Analytical Processing Enhancements


  • Find information faster with improved searching and filtering on dates
  • Dynamically configure search rules for duplicate detection
  • Run search rules in “batch mode” to check a large number of records in a single call

Text analytics

  • Extend the smarts of your applications that use text analysis to all languages using spaces between words
  • Easily embed natural-language processing into your products with a new native SQL interface
  • Manage your own domain-specific custom dictionaries and rules within the Web IDE for SAP HANA

Graph data processing

  • Analyze graph data more efficiently and achieve results faster with new visualizations
  • Leverage existing Cypher query language skills with SAP HANA support for Cypher for pattern matching  

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Create richer predictive applications using more pre-packaged algorithms
  • Run scoring functions faster with parallel processing across large-scale partitioned data

Application Development and Tools Enhancements

Application server

  • Reduce TCO with Bring Your Own Language and Runtimes by running these applications within the XS Advanced framework
  • Build native applications in multi-tenant (MDC) landscapes without restriction
  • Reduce effort of supporting JAVA based applications with enhanced JAVA / JavaScript runtime supportability and trace features

Tools, languages, and APIs

  • Accelerate application development with enhanced modeling for calculation views, core data services, and data types (i.e. spatial, text, graph, etc.)
  • Directly create and query hierarchies without dependency on the graphical modeler
  • Test and develop MDX based queries and statements against SAP HANA views and leverage additional MDX capabilities
  • Increase productivity with improved syntax error troubleshooting and expanded impact and lineage analysis

Data Management Enhancements

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, Edition for SAP HANA

  • Perform enterprise architecture and business process modeling, as well as architect and plan physical data models that target SAP HANA, with this new web-based tool that compliments existing SAP HANA modeling tools

Multi-tier storage (*targeted release in near future)

  • Simplify management of large volumes of data with multi-store tables
  • Integrated management of Dynamic Tiering with support for encrypted extended store, system replication and delta back-ups

Data integration

  • Simplify and accelerate data movements with parallel data loads, automatic recovery, and data integration with SAP ABAP-based systems (via BAPIs that support virtual procedures)
  • Gain access to more data sources with added support for Microsoft Access and SharePoint

Data quality and data federation

  • Improve the accuracy of location-based data by taking advantage of enhanced address cleansing  capabilities
  • Leverage remote metadata synchronization to simplify alignment with remote data schema copies

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 12?

Get an overview of all the new features and use cases introduced in the latest service pack stack (SPS 12). Watch this 6-minute SAP HANA Academy video for details.

SPS 12: Database Enhancements

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Administration and security

Lower the risks of innovation adoption with workload capture and relay capabilities that simulate actual production workloads on test systems. Prioritize specific tasks, such as monthly closing, by enabling or disabling workload classes and constraints. And improve data security with enhanced authorization troubleshooting and simplified key management.

High availability and disaster recovery

Achieve near zero downtime with new move capabilities for tenants and clones databases, audit logging for cross-tenant scenarios, and access to granular information for systems monitoring. Plus, choose from more flexible options for replication and configuration, as well as data loading from backup snapshots if network throughput is sub-optimal. 

SPS 12: Data Processing Enhancements

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Graph data processing

Add a relationship dimension to your business data. Take advantage of ready-to-use graph transversal algorithms, as well as intuitive modeling and visualization tools that make it easier to extract insights from hyper-connected data. 

Text analytics and mining

Get more out of your text data with direct access to a text-mining index. Now you can capture the frequency of terms used in documents and zero-in on multi-word concepts – e.g. “fast food” or “retirement home” – for greater precision.

Spatial data processing

Support spatial data types – and build spatial algorithms – with our new application functional modeler (AFM). Automatically import common reference systems and integrate with third-party geospatial tools to simplify your spatial deployments. 

SPS 12: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

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Industry standard support

Choose from additional runtimes, such as JavaScript (Node.js) and Java on Apache TomEE/Tomcat. Avoid re-deploying them upon each service startup with partial runtime downloads. And leverage expanded support for standard code management tools, including improved workflow for Git approvals and code reviews.

Development tools

Streamline testing in our SAP HANA development environment. Analyze dependencies among objects with cross-object impact analysis and lineage analysis. And easily extend your applications with core data services (CDS) artifacts – now supported in both SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA and SAP PowerDesigner.

SPS 12: Data Integration and Quality Enhancements

Data integration

Access data from a broader range of systems with new adapters for Google+, Informix, and e-mail files. In this release, you can also mask sensitive data during extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection policies.

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 11?

Discover the powerful features introduced in SAP HANA SPS 11. Here’s how they can help you develop and manage modern applications, accelerate time to insight, and simplify your IT landscape.

SPS 11: Database Enhancements

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High availability and disaster recovery

Regain instant access to data after a system failure. SAP HANA version SPS 11 adds support for hot-standby configurations. This capability helps you minimize business disruption because applications can regain immediate access to data by failing over to up-to-date, standby databases.


Strengthen user and data security with SQL injection prevention functions that impede the execution of malicious code. Consistently manage user credentials across applications and databases. Implement default security policies across SAP systems. And monitor KPIs in a real-time security dashboard.


Leverage a unified Web-based administration tool, on premise or in the cloud. It supports dynamic tiering, smart data access, remote data sync, and our SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise accelerator. Administrators can use it to perform delta backups to diagnose and troubleshoot unresponsive systems.  

SPS 11: Data Processing Enhancements

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Predictive algorithms and streaming data processing

Increase business agility with advanced analytics on streaming data. SAP HANA SPS 11 adds predictive algorithms that leverage machine-learning techniques to automatically refine partitions based on changing patterns and trends detected in live streaming data.  

Spatial data processing

Accelerate the analysis of location-based data with spatial data partitioning – added in SPS 11. Distribute and process location-based data across multiple nodes to improve performance. And leverage external geospatial data for broader analysis with OGC certification.  

Text analytics and mining

Extract more value from unstructured data with enhanced text analytics and mining capabilities. Identify relationships among elements of a sentence – and leverage on-demand text analysis, row-level language identification, and a larger number of supported languages.  

SPS 11: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

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Web and application services

Use more programming languages – JAVA on Apache TomEE, JavaScript on Node.js, and C++ runtimes – to flexibly architect your applications with microservices. Our new extended app service lets you scale out independently from database services – to help optimize your system resources and ensure high application performance.  

Development tools

Take advantage of standardized tools that let you leverage your existing expertise and help you expedite application development. SAP HANA Service Pack Stack 11 adds support for open source code management tools, including Git, GitHub, and Maven. Additionally, it supports calculation views in SAP PowerDesigner.  

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 10?

SAP HANA SPS 10 focuses innovation on the areas of running mission-critical applications, connecting the enterprise to the Internet of Things (IoT), processing Big Data – and facilitating the development of next-generation applications.

SPS 10: Database Enhancements

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Multi-tier storage

Find out about SAP HANA dynamic tiering enhancements – including new support for multitenant database containers, graph tables, automatic failover, backup and recovery, and monitoring.  

Workload management and load balancing

Learn how new workload classes in SAP HANA SPS 10 can help you refine resource allocation for users and/or applications. The result? Better workload prioritization and optimized resource use.  


See how you can use multitenant database containers in conjunction with dynamic tiering and smart data streaming. And manage database containers from SAP HANA Cockpit and SAP DB Control Center.  

Administration and security

Hear how database administrators can now perform installations, upgrades, backups, system replication, role assignments, and certificate management from anywhere – with simplified tools.  


Explore the expanded list of virtualization options – including VMware vSphere 5.5 in scale-out deployments (controlled availability) and logical partitioning in IBM and Hitachi Data Systems.  


See how SPS 10 can process transactions up to 6X faster than earlier versions – with support for IBM POWER8 systems on SUSE Linux for SAP BW on SAP HANA, and Intel Haswell processors with TSX.

SPS 10: Data Processing Enhancements

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Advanced algorithms and spatial data processing

Learn about new processing capabilities that include: Application Functional Modeler improvements, Predictive Algorithms Library extensions, the ability to add custom algorithms to the Application Functional Library, and spatial data processing enhancements.

Series data

Explore resources covering SPS 10 enhancements to series data capabilities – improved usability, new aggregate and window functions, and more. Understand how they allow you to store data efficiently, even when you are dealing with high throughput sensor data.

SPS 10: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

Development tools

Benefit from a number of powerful new features in the SAP HANA Web-based developer workbench. These include GitHub integration, new calculation viewer editor features, SQLScript debugging, and modeling capabilities.  

SPS 10: Data Integration and Quality Enhancements

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Hadoop integration

Support the latest Hadoop distributions, deliver faster data transfers with Spark SQL, and use a single user interface to manage both SAP HANA and Hadoop data. SAP HANA Cockpit and Apache Ambari integration makes it possible.  

Remote data synchronization

Learn about the remote data sync capabilities introduced in SPS 10. They allow thousands of databases at the edge of your network to exchange data in a transactionally consistent manner – through one centralized SAP HANA instance.  
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