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Managing More Data to Bring Home More Bread with SAP Applications Powered by SAP HANA
In Turkey, a sandwich just doesn’t taste right without UNO bread. As the country’s leading producer of bakery products, a taste of UNO means a taste of home. It is no surprise, then, that the company is growing rapidly and now has a distribution network covering 95% of the country. But with Enormous growth came a rapid increase in data volume, which legacy systems could not adequately manage.
With the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application powered by the SAP HANA platform, planning data from retail stores is more easily accessed, maximizing product shelf life and reducing food wastage. And faster, more detailed reporting is improving visibility and saving time across the organization, giving managers more time to stop and enjoy snacks from turkey’s favorite bakery.
"Our reports now run 400 times faster. With these improvements, the analysis on sets of data gives deeper insight into the markets, sales, and management. The data has always been available. SAP HANA just gives us a way to use it efficiently."
- Ozkan Yurttaser, information systems manager, UNO Professional.
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