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Enterprise Collaboration

Connect people with information, experts, applications and processes they need to enable the collaboration that today’s business climate demands.

HR Transformation

From onboarding and learning to streamlining HR processes and employee engagement, HR can incorporate a human element into its transformation.

Intranet-Driven Empowerment

Transform your intranet with enterprise collaboration, making it simple to find information and benefit from greater collaboration in every business process.

Blended and Informal Learning

Improve employee learning by combining your learning management system (LMS), such as SAP SuccessFactors Learning, with a collaboration platform.

Collaboration for Marketing

Enhance marketing program planning, execution, and analysis by using the power of collaboration.

Collaboration for Sales

Accelerate sales cycles by helping ensure effective collaboration among sales teams, internal experts, customers, and partners – all in the context of target accounts and opportunities.

Collaboration for Service and Support

Work collectively with customers, internal stakeholders, and experts to resolve service requests and exceed customer expectations.

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SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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