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Features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Make decisions with confidence

Consolidate data sources to help ensure every decision delivers superior outcomes based on fast access to data.

Dedicated Spaces for Every Line of Business

Deliver data where it needs to be in real time to help ensure insights are fresh, so you can get ahead of the competition.


Virtual workspaces

Provide individual users or groups of users with virtual workspaces for data modeling, data integration, and story dashboard building. 

Simplified management

Enable spaces to have assigned quotas for available disc space, CPU usage, runtime hours, and memory usage.

Improved governance

Increase visibility into spaces and provide an efficient cost control framework, so your colleagues can work on their respective projects in secure and governed spaces.

Instant Insights with Analytics

Adopt augmented analytics – such as those enabled by machine learning  technology – to focus on high-impact activities.


Hypothesis testing

Discover more insights hidden in your enterprise data with advanced modeling capabilities.

Deep and precise analysis

Visualize true data-driven insights with advanced business intelligence capabilities.

Democratized data

Drive better business outcomes with collaborative enterprise planning.

Instantly Understandable Information

Lower the time spent modeling and enriching data with the metadata management tools you need to help ensure business trust.


Mapping of complex data

Empower your business users to take advantage of data modeling capabilities.

Defined relationship between data elements

Simplify your data model and specify connections between each element.

Application integration

Unify your existing applications with a suite of intelligent enterprise solutions from SAP. 

Release Highlights

Discover new features in the latest release.

Make the most of your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution

Explore new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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