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SAP에 문의

Create the next generation of user engagement applications

Every company knows that it's all about the user. Whether the user is an employee, customer or supplier, we all need a simple way to interact with our business data. Create a compelling user experience on top of SAP that is native to the device and to the user.

  • Engage with any type of user in any environment
  • Open your SAP systems to a new world of applications
  • Quick time to market and simple development process
  • Seamlessly integrate with your SAP systems and processes

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Experience the Power of SAP Gateway

See demos of solutions built using SAP Gateway. Find out how developers with and without SAP software knowledge can bring the power of SAP applications to different user experiences.

Join the Community

Be a part of the SAP Gateway discussion forum. Get the latest information on trends and insights through blogs and documents along with access to our experts to answer your questions..

American Airlines: Unleashes Inventory Management

Learn how this massive global airline modernized their inventory management solution leveraging SAP Gateway technology to provide mobile tablet access for employees.

View the product road map

Refer to the SAP XYZL road map to see how the technology is planned to progress over time.
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