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2020년 매직사분면 평가 리더 선정

가트너(Gartner)는 2020년도 멀티경험 개발 플랫폼(MXDP) 매직사분면 평가에서 SAP를 리더에 선정했습니다. 

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Achieve agility and enable successful innovation by using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite as the foundation for your intelligent enterprise.

Connected experiences

Optimize processes and deliver contextualized experiences for customers with complete integration capabilities across hybrid and cloud landscapes.

Shorter path to innovation

Innovate faster, meet business challenges quicker, adapt when market conditions change, and stay agile with connected IT landscapes.

Greater efficiency and flexibility

Increase efficiencies by empowering integration experts across the enterprise and optimize integration benefits with AI-based advisors.

Connect and customize experiences

Deliver connected enterprises with comprehensive, prebuilt integration packs.

Harmonized end-to-end processes

Streamline processes for application to application, business to business, business to government, and IoT for SAP and non-SAP processes on premise or in the cloud.

Tailored interactions for customers, employees, and partners

Deliver omnichannel experiences across devices and processes with full context.

Integration across diverse application landscapes and ecosystems

Use a single cockpit for multiple deployment environments and more than 1,300 integrations, 900 APIs, and 150 connectors.

Accelerate innovation with integration

Innovate faster by leveraging connected processes and data.

Prebuilt integration packs and business events

Unify access to SAP and partner APIs through the SAP API Business Hub, leverage ready-to-use data model transformations and adapters, and sense and respond to business events.

Ready-to-use business services, AI-driven data orchestration, and pipelining

Reuse existing business processes and data to compose applications faster and leverage prepackaged content.

API-first approach

Assemble, publish, and monetize reusable APIs and integrations for reduced app development time and ease of maintenance and development.

Empower your enterprise

Achieve greater efficiency and flexibility by democratizing integration and removing barriers to agility.

Self-service processes and governance management

Leverage proven integration methodology, enterprise-ready governance, Web tooling, and SAP S/4HANA automation integration.

AI-based advisors

Accelerate implementation and maintenance of integration with AI-based advisors.

Migration of on-premise assets to the cloud

Reuse semantics and skillsets from SAP Process Orchestration and choose from multiple clouds and on-premise deployments.

SAP API Business Hub

Discover and consume digital content packages with APIs, prepackaged integrations, and sample apps from SAP and select partners.

From visualization to reality

Connecting various SAP products has never been easier. View the available integration packages and visualize the integration flows and value mappings. From there, you can easily add the integration to your design time and accelerate your integration project.

Build a business case

Operate smarter with an integration methodology

Define the strategy and best practices for integrating people, processes, data, and devices by determining when to use specific integration approaches, flows, and tooling.

Improve time to value by modernizing integration

Learn how digital transformation agendas are forcing IT teams to take a hard look at their integration capabilities and strategy.

Use cases for SAP Cloud Platform

Learn how our customers and partners have used SAP Cloud Platform to solve their business challenges.

Build enterprise digital mobile applications with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Maximize ROI with a mobile consumption experience.

Monetize your APIs with SAP API Management

Accelerate the monetization of partner apps usage.

Explore our complete catalog of services

SAP Cloud Platform service catalog

Find information on service features, commercial plans, related missions, documentation, and more in our complete service catalog in the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center.

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