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Intelligent invoice matching automation

SAP Cash Application empowers businesses to focus on developing innovative strategies and growth plans with intelligent receivable matching automation that handles manually intensive financial processes.

Pass new incoming payment and open invoice information from SAP S/4HANA to a matching engine, based on SAP Business Technology Platform, that automatically clears or suggests for review proposed matches by accounts receivable.

  • Reduce days sales outstanding 
  • Lower total cost of ownership  through efficiencies enabled by machine learning
  • Enhance quality of work related to accounts receivable
  • Scale shared services as the business grows
  • Enable a single, integrated environment with SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP ECC 6.0

Key Benefits

Lower days sales outstanding with machine learning

Accelerate the processing of incoming payments to reduce days sales outstanding and improve customer service.

Reduce total cost of ownership and time to value

Adapt to change automatically as embedded machine learning capabilities learn from the past actions of accountants and match customer- and country-specific receivables.

Scale as your business grows with shared services

Take advantage of the tight integration between on-premise and cloud deployments of SAP S/4HANA to complement standard rules, extract value from historical data, and maintain current processing workflow. 

Key Features

Gain flexibility in the receivable matching process

  • Opt for automatic posting and clearing
  • Schedule receivables processing as a single run or recurrent job
  • Choose to match open items and customers

Increase automation with machine learning

  • Learn continuously from accountant behavior by using machine learning and apply it to future payments. 
  • Automate and improve accuracy of the labor-intensive and repetitive clearing process
  • Enable accountants to focus on complicated cases that can't be cleared automatically.

Extract information from payment advice documents

  • Classify regions on documents intelligently
  • Identify and extract relevant information
  • Benefit from automated matching payments to invoices

Release Highlights

Integration support

Take advantage of integration with the latest release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA.

Enhanced model accuracy

Improve model learning and accuracy by extracting training data to support various clearing scenarios.

Clearing simulation and automation rate reporting

Configure automatic clearing thresholds to achieve the desired accuracy of test  models based on historical data.

Support outgoing payments

Match vendor invoices to vendor-initiated payments and clear them automatically based on configurations.

Customer account identification

Automate the ability to propose the customer accounts to which bank statement items should be posted.

Get Started

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Security and compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while keeping your data safe and reliable. SAP takes a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

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