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Sell SAP Solutions

Apply to Sell SAP Solutions

Gain access to a wide range of benefits and to SAP's complete solution portfolio as a fully-fledged SAP PartnerEdge – Sell partner.

SAP PartnerEdge – Sell, is an engagement model that has deepening benefits, a points system that rewards you for more than just business performance, and access to all benefits including a commission-based go-to-market opportunity for cloud solutions. To become and remain authorized to sell, you must pay annual program fees and meet minimum entry and ongoing requirements.  
Program Fees
  • €3,700 p.a.


Entry requirements

If your application is successful, we will guide you through each step of the onboarding process, during which time you’ll have to meet the minimum entry requirements:

  • Due diligence check
  • Signed agreement
  • Business profile
  • Business plan (on entry and annually after that)
  • A number of solution consultant–trained employees*
  • A number of sales-trained employees*
  • A number of presales-trained employees*

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