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Leadership and strategy

Explore the building blocks of business leadership and management strategy.


Widening the sustainability circle

As more regulators and investors seek more action on climate change, more businesses are measuring Scope 2 and 3 effects of their operations beyond their corporate walls. That requires superior supply chain data.

How to cut your losses

Not every initiative succeeds. Author and executive Lisa Gable helps leaders understand when it’s time to change direction and where to go next.

Innovation metrics: figure out which projects to pursue

Successful innovation requires assessing investments – and using metrics to decide whether to keep pursuing an idea or stop.

The changing role of the CIO

Major shifts in technology, customer demands, and employee expectations are substantially reshaping the scope and role of CIOs.

Protecting privacy in a data-centric world

Exchanging data is key to innovation. Here’s how to protect your customer data from unwanted use and exposure.

Why we’re burning out on collaboration

More intentional choices about when, how, and with whom to team up could be the secret weapon for fighting stress and increasing productivity.


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