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Enable the Multi Cloud Web IDE

By Meredith Hassett

Learn how to enable the multi cloud version of Web IDE

You will learn

Find all the latest features available from Wed IDE in the latest, multi-cloud enabled version.


Step 1: Open SAP Cloud Platform services

Open your SAP Cloud Platform account. Make sure you are in a Neo Environment, not one of the new Cloud Foundry environments. Neo is the classic, proprietary SAP Cloud Platform.

Go to Services

services location on SAP CP Home pageservices page on SAP CP
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Step 2: Find the Multi-Cloud Web IDE

On the Service catalog, search for Web IDE.

search on SCP services page

Select the SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud Version service.

sap web ide multi-cloud version
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Step 3: Enable the service

Once the service page loads, Enable the service. This may take a few minutes.

enable feature button for web ide

Wait for the status to change to the green, Enabled status.

green enabled status icon
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Step 4: Open the Web IDE

Once the service is enabled, click the Go to Service link. This will open the new, multi-cloud Web IDE.

go to service link location for web ide

The Multi-Cloud version of Web IDE includes some new features. You will explore them in the following tutorials.

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Step 5: Troubleshooting the Web IDE

Are you having trouble opening the Multi-Cloud Web IDE? If you are seeing a 501/503 error, it may be that your principal propagation flag is not set properly.

To enable your principal propagation flag, in your SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, click Security then Trust.

trust link is CP Cockpit

If the Principal Propagation flag is set to Default or Disabled, you will need to update it. Click Edit.

trust flags

Change the value of Principal Propagation to Enabled and Save.

enabled trust flags

Now, go back to step 4 and try to open the Multi-Cloud Web IDE again.

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Next Steps

Updated 07/06/2017

Time to Complete

5 Min



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