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SAPUI5 - Open the SAP Web IDE in SAP Cloud Platform

By Jonathan Baker

Navigate to the SAP Web IDE (in SAP Cloud Platform)


You will learn

Learn how to enable and then navigate to the SAP Web IDE inside of SAP Cloud Platform (HCP).

  1. Open your SAP Cloud Platform account (if you have a free developer account, click HERE to open the console.)

    Trouble logging in? If you have trouble logging in to your SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, and you are using a company account (one provided by your employer), it is possible that the Cloud access has been locked. Create a new FREE trial account by clicking the link above, and use your personal email address to set up the new account.

    SAP Cloud Platform Developer Account Login Screen
  2. You should now be in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, as shown below. Click on the Services menu item on the left

    SAP Cloud PlatformConsole - services button
  3. Next, click on the SAP Web IDE box. You may need to scroll down to find this box.

    Enabled: If the box does NOT say Enabled, click the Not Enabled button to enable this feature. In the screen that appears, click the Enable button at the top of the page to confirm this feature is set up.

    SAP Cloud PlatformConsole - services button
  4. In the SAP Web IDE screen, you will see a paragraph called Service Description. At the bottom of the paragraph, there is a link called Open SAP Web IDE. Click this link

    SAP Cloud PlatformConsole - services button
  5. A new tab (or window) will open, and the Web IDE will load.

    Bookmark this page! If you create a bookmark to this page, it is easy to get back to the Web IDE later.

    SAP Cloud PlatformConsole - services button

Next Steps

Updated 12/12/2017

Time to Complete

5 Min (or less).




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