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SAP Executive Board Questions and Answers

SAP 본사 이사회 임원진이 여러분의 질문에 진솔한 답변을 드립니다.

Max Wessel, SAP Chief Innovation Officer, talks with Malcolm Gladwell, well-known journalist and best-selling author, about navigating an uncertain world. From the pharmaceutical industry, educational system all the way to the sports industry, Malcolm believes that experimenting with technology in a way we’ve never thought about before, will be the key to figuring out better ways of coping with COVID-19. Malcolm brings us back to his early days as a journalist, covering the HIV epidemic, explaining: “Maybe I enter these things with more optimism than most people because I saw how well the system worked in the end the last time we were this scared.”

Duration: 16-minutes

Max Wessel
Chief Innovation Officer SAP

Malcolm Gladwell
Journalist, Author, and Public Speaker Order of Canada

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