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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Simpler Business processes and application landscape

Wipro is globally recognized for their innovative approach to delivering value to businesses globally across a comprehensive portfolio of services they offer their clients. Wipro wanted to simplify their processes and landscape and provide their business users with fast, high-quality applications.   

Wipro Limited

US$7.7 billion

Number of Employees

Professional Services

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Bangalore, India

Customer Website

Line of Business
Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, SAP Analytics Design Studio, SAP Lumira, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Service and Support

SAP HANA enables them to Run Live and Run Simple by providing in-depth analysis of their business metrics and real-time data which makes for better decision making and benefits them as well as their clients.

Customer Snapshot: History

A Trusted Brand with a Long History of Success

Wipro Ltd (NYSE:WIT) is a global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company with 170,000+ workforce serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. The company posted revenues of US$7.7 billion for the financial year ended March 31, 2016.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Innovative Approach to Delivering Business Value

Wipro is a global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company that partners with businesses to help them through their transformation journey by identifying new growth opportunities and facilitating their foray into new sectors and markets.

A comprehensive portfolio of business services and operations.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Making it Simple to Service Customers Better

To serve their customers even better, Wipro wanted to simplify their processes to provide their business users with fast, high-quality applications and a simplified user experience. Wipro also wanted to offer cloud-based solutions to internal and external teams in order to provide ease of use and to deliver the speed and performance that would improve their business and business decision-making capabilities.

The Challenge

Speed and Performance to End-Users

Wipro wanted to improve their business operations around four core objectives which included standardizing their backend operations while simplifying their frontend for internal teams and their end-users.


Wipro wanted to enable cloud-based solutions to internal and external teams, design mobile applications for a better user experience, and be able to gather data in a faster, more robust way than compared to their existing dated system of records.

Four core objectives.

Enter SAP


Data at the Core of Everything

Simplifying business operations and processes.


The speed to meet business objectives.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Running Faster. Running Simpler.

SAP S/4HANA allows Wipro to simplify their business processes and the application landscape which in turn helps them run faster with increased data processing speeds to meet their business objectives and provide a better end-user experience for their customers.

In-depth analysis across all business functions.

Better Business


The Right Stuff

SAP HANA solutions provide in-depth analysis of all the business metrics which allow Wipro to identify the right resources with the right skillsets to perform operations for the best results.

Matchmaker for the right resources.

Better Business: Benefits

Reducing Costs Through a Simplified Landscape

Simplifying IT resources.

Reduced Total cost of ownership

Greater User confidence in system availability

Better Business: Run Simple

A Strong Partner for Operational Efficiency

SAP helps Wipro Run Simple in many ways. It has been a very strong partner in helping us find the areas in which we can improve operational efficiency. And it has definitely helped us simplify our IT resources as well as our landscape. — Kamal Shah, Head of Global Business Information Systems, Wipro Limited

SAP helps Wipro Run Simple in many ways.

Journey Ahead


Innovating into the Future

From reducing the total cost of ownership and the applications which help Wipro succeed, to simplifying their IT resources, Wipro has a clear vision for the future to help them continue identifying new and exciting innovations.

SAP enterprise solutions help propel Wipro into the future.

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