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Education and research with SAP Next-Gen

We enable the next generation to learn, research, and innovate with business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Universities and Academia

Become a member of the SAP University Alliances program and enhance your student's academic outcome. Collaborate on research projects and get access to SAP software, teaching materials and related support.

SAP University Alliances

The SAP University Alliances program enables academia to educate the next generation for the Intelligent Enterprise and the experience economy, engage at SAP events, build industry partnerships, and prepare graduates for the SAP ecosystem.

  • Teach hands-on with SAP technology at your university 
  • Participate in strategic research activities to build high-impact collaborations to educate the leaders of tomorrow
  • Foster close partnerships with the academic community through regional academic boards and educational institutions worldwide

Why become an SAP University Alliances member?

Get access to SAP software, learning content, and best practices as an SAP University Alliances member. As associate or full member, you can partner with our ecosystem by collaborating with a global network of SAP Next-Gen Labs and connect with experts at University Competence Center (UCC) and Academic Competence Center (ACC) locations worldwide. 

For teaching

  • Access to teaching and learning environments for SAP solutions
  • Ready-to-use academic curricula and use case materials
  • On-premise and cloud software solutions 
  • Onboard training and support for new members

For applied innovation

  • Real-life, challenge-based prototyping at educational institutions with industry partners using SAP solutions
  • SAP Next-Gen projects integrated into the academic semester
  • Collaboration opportunities with a network of SAP customers and partners

And more

  • Memorable experiences and exchanges at SAP Academic Community Conference events
  • Free access to digital learning resources for students and professors to upskill in the latest solutions, connect with SAP experts and prepare for SAP Certification exams in the student zone on the SAP Learning site
  • Student preparation for SAP certifications in the cloud

Exclusive offering for lecturers at SAP University Alliances member schools

SAP Learning Hub, academic edition

Created in collaboration with SAP University Alliances, the academic edition of SAP Learning Hub is available to teachers and professors at SAP University Alliances member schools. The academic edition is the central source of all learning materials for teaching SAP-related skills.

Additional resources for students and lecturers at member institutions

Student access to critical learning content and resources

Developed for students, the student zone on the SAP Learning site provides critical learning content and resources to develop SAP software skills and prepare for certification.

Engaging expert guides on cloud solutions from SAP

Quick-start guides provide engaging, quick introductions to cloud solutions from SAP to give faculty and students an overview of the SAP University Alliances program and provide expert guidance.

Access SAP technology and take advantage of curriculum services

SAP partners with institutions of higher education to establish University Competence Center (UCC) and Academic Competence Center (ACC) locations around the world. The centers are capable of providing hosting services and solutions, including the operation and maintenance of SAP applications for SAP University Alliances member institutions.

Academic Boards

The Academic Board acts as a trusted advisor for continuous improvement of the SAP University Alliances program for SAP-related teaching, research, and education.


The Academic Board provides feedback on new offerings from SAP University Alliances in terms of relevance, implementation capability, and benefits. In addition, it makes its own suggestions as to which offers SAP University Alliances, UCC, and ACC should include in new curricula and how knowledge transfer to the lecturers can take place. 

Thus, the Academic Board has a direct influence on the orientation, content, and design of the SAP University Alliances program. Communications and channels for articulating interests and exchanging information should be established.

Regional academic boards

The regional academic boards are the spokespersons of the academic community and our trusted advisors. Read about their visions, goals, and activities. 

SAP Next-Gen project semester

During SAP Next-Gen projects, an educator or university can work with students on real customer challenges. 


Students get coaching and access to SAP technology to find solutions using technology and innovation for a specific challege. At some universities, SAP Next-Gen semester projects are integrated into the study program, and students are elible to earn credits.

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Benefit from our community

SAP Community reveals the latest on SAP University Alliances. Join the community to read and write blog posts, answer questions, and stay updated.

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