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Daphne Kornblueh Bauer

Information Security Compliance Associate 

Daphne's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


I believe that this company has a culture of not only valuing the employees, but also giving them the opportunities and motivation to be even more valuable in the future.

Daphne Kornblueh Bauer

Daphne grew up in Germany and first heard about SAP when at university: “several friends were working students at SAP at that time and really liked it. I decided to try my luck and also look for a working student position (in 2018)”.

One of the benefits of starting as a working student was the ability to look into different departments and create a network from different teams. This gave Daphne the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in multiple areas and she is working for SAP Customer Experience as an information security compliance associate.

“My role consists of handling several different topics in my team. Parts of it is functional and about improving the products, other parts are administrative to support the team in daily tasks. A big part of my day consists of aligning with colleagues from my and other teams. I usually start my day reading emails, before the meetings start and I work on my tasks. I like my role because almost every day I learn something new and it never gets boring.

Success means to me that you are able to work independently, and have gained specialized knowledge in a field, which you then can share with others. SAP gives great opportunities to learn and improve your skills on a daily basis. I also get a lot of support from colleagues and my manager to shape my career in a way that suits my needs and interests. I believe that this company has a culture of not only valuing the employees, but also giving them the opportunities and motivation to be even more valuable in the future.

The team Daphne works for is distributed around the world, another aspect of working for SAP that is appreciated.

“This way you can not only exchange knowledge that is relevant to your work but also learn about the different cultures. I also try to participate in the offerings that the SAP cultures team gives the employees, which consists of dance and cooking classes, or knowledge sharing classes, always focused on the different cultures within the business. I also love to participate in Language Lunch Breaks, where people meet that speak a common language which is not German. In my case I join the Spanish and Portuguese lunches.”

Outside of work Daphne does sports and activities with friends and family, like cooking, going to events and reading and loves to travel.

“If I could travel anywhere, I would probably travel to the Philippines or Seychelles for a relaxing holiday in paradise, or to Australia for an adventurous road trip. If I could have any superpower, I would like to be able to teleport and cross out my travel destinations from my bucket list over a long weekend!”

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