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System Requirements for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

View technical information documentation to implement, manage, and configure SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE).

Technical prerequisites

Understand the basics of system administration, such as resource issues, character sets, sort orders, and system diagnoses.

Administration fundamentals

Learn how to efficiently manage servers and also back up and restore your business and user relational database systems.

Failover for high-availability systems

Discover how you can set up a cluster by using failover capabilities designed by SAP for high-availability systems.

Plan your implementation

Optimize database migration and runtime

Learn best practices for streamlined database operations and migration for solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and running on SAP ASE.

Monitor availability and historical performance

Track various performance metrics and gather statistics to gain insight into user patterns and behaviors of devices, caches, and processes.

Simplify your implementation

Define your server runtime environment

Facilitate new ways of managing and storing data and logic with a runtime environment for Java in your database server.

Use self-contained, modular, applications

Adopt a high-performance, enterprise-class RDBMS that is well-suited for mission-critical, data-intensive Web environments.


Support trust, security, and compliance in the cloud with built-in security features.

Security administration

Review the latest provisions for cloud security for SAP ASE. Learn how to administer role-base security and external authentication.

Database encryption

Get the instructions you need to set up and maintain full database and column-level encryption to keep your deployment of SAP ASE secure.

Deployment Options

Private Cloud

Select the right cloud option for your business and run and manage cloud services for internal users behind your firewall. 

Public Cloud (SaaS)

Consume software as a service (SaaS) and benefit from end-to-end services, including security handling and updates.

Public Cloud (PaaS)

Leverage a platform as a service (PaaS) to deploy SAP software, and build your own platform to control applications in your landscape.

Hybrid Landscape

Combine SAP cloud offerings with your existing on-premise business system in a configuration that meets your business needs.


High-availability disaster recovery system

Review the high-availability and disaster-recovery node for your deployment of SAP Business Technology Platform or SAP Business Suite software.

Disaster-recovery enablement for two data centers

Learn how to install a disaster recovery solution for two data centers with SAP ASE and SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP.


The extensibility of SAP ASE is defined by software and server development.

Software development kit

Dive into a library of resources that can help you make the best use of the software development capabilities of SAP ASE.

Open server integration

Develop applications and customize servers by integrating the SAP Open Server solution with the software development kit for SAP ASE.

Data warehousing

Leverage scenarios for specific functions by using the SAP NetWeaver Application Server component for ABAP and SAP Business Warehouse.

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