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SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Unlock the power of data to record, report and act on your sustainability goals – at scale.​

Improve your ESG transparency and sustainable business performance

Drive holistic steering by setting targets. Monitor progress and gain actionable insights from dependable sustainability data. Gain trust by establishing robust and auditable ESG reporting.

RECORD: Actuals instead of averages

  • Streamline data integration and manual data entry: Automate data collection with pre-built data integration, APIs, and file import​.
  • Create reliable and authentic sustainability data: Improve data integrity and quality with data validation and approval workflows to ensure audit-ready data. ​
  • Use predefined data models & calculations: Harmonize, allocate, and calculate granular sustainability KPIs according to established structures from finance, HR, and operations​.

REPORT: Audit-ready ESG metrics

  • Build on a single sustainability data foundation: Understand your sustainability performance in relation to Finance, HR, real estate, operations, and more.
  • Map seamlessly to multiple ESG standards: Report metrics for the most common standards, such as GRI, TCFD, EU Taxonomy, and more with pre-defined sustainability metrics.
  • Cascade your performance to responsible leaders: Analyze data at the right level of granularity for business units, departments, and locations.

ACT: Sustainability embedded in business processes

  • Set actionable targets: Set targets, gain actionable insights into your core processes, forecast outcomes, and analyze scenarios​
  • Monitor and improve your progress: Link your initiatives to your sustainability targets and track progress
  • ​Drive sustainability impact at scale: Bring sustainability insights into your key business processes and functions to make better decisions.

Go beyond ESG reporting

Build trust and transparency with your stakeholders, and unlock the power of data with sustainability management and ESG solutions from SAP.

Move from averages to actuals. Faster.

Hear from Christian Polivka, SAP Director of Sustainability Solution Management, how SAP Sustainability Control Tower enables you to act on your sustainability goals – at scale.

Get faster time to value with an engaging, easy-to-consume SaaS experience

Enhance productivity and reliability via automated integration

Leverage predefined integration to pull data from SAP and other systems, easing data collection and allowing you to centralize all of your relevant data in one place.

Extend content and functionality

Build on pre-defined content with your own metrics, emission calculators, templates, and more to meet your evolving sustainability needs.

Evolve from reporting to steering

Go beyond reporting by continuously bringing sustainability insights back into your business processes so that you can make more responsible decisions.

Key Features

Data sourcing

  • Import data from any source and enhance its value by directly integrating with SAP data sources
  • Consolidate and harmonize disjointed data from multiple sources
  • Ensure reliable data and audit safety via data validation, completeness checks, period closing workflow and data release processes for consumption and reporting

Metric management

  • Enrich data and perform calculations to create high-quality sustainability metrics
  • Build on predefined data models to support established reporting frameworks like TCFD, GRI, CSRD, SASB and more as well as customer-specific adaptations
  • Leverage methods, such as aggregation and disaggregation, to allocate data along established structures from finance, HR, real estate, and operations

Performance insights

  • Visualize data following best practices (i.e. GHG Protocol) or create custom dashboards
  • Drill down into your performance to find patterns
  • Leverage data across metrics in order to calculate intensities and scores for additional business context and insights


  • Create clarity by defining a long-term ambition and operationalize via granular target setting
  • Drill-down and compare different business units and locations to drive targeted action
  • Compare current performance against target in order to drive targeted action toward reaching ambitions
  • Track sustainability action and initiatives

Together, SAP and our customers are driving corporate sustainability

Changing our planet and the steel industry

Discover how Salzgitter AG is using sustainability solutions from SAP to reduce its carbon footprint and enable sustainable change in the steel industry.

SAP runs SAP Sustainability Control Tower

We strive to embed impact measurement into our business decision-making and target-setting across our entire value chain, using capabilities and insights provided through our software solutions.

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