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Support a full suite of essential operator services and options for global roaming

Over 71% of operators will deploy IPX connection in the next three years.* Are you ready? Stay on the cutting edge with SAP IPX 365, our private IP platform that supports a full suite of essential operator services, including voice interconnect services, global roaming services, roaming signaling services, SMS, and MMS.

  • Ensure quality interconnect IPX routes and minimum termination costs with voice interconnect services
  • Deliver a seamless roaming experience over a global interconnect network with data roaming services
  • Evolve to new roaming standards and connect with networks via diameter hub with SAP LTE 365
  • Efficiently route signaling traffic with roaming signaling service
  • Cut costs and simplify connectivity with SMS over IPX

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Steer roaming in the right direction

Drive your roaming revenue, and address complex steering use cases. Steer roamers with the intelligent preferred network service add-on by Starhome Mach for SAP LTE 365, Diameter hubbing.

Redefining SMS Interconnection

Find out how SMS hubbing has evolved over the years to reduce operational complexity. Now you can manage both P2P and A2P messages over a single connection – and run SMS over IPX platform to get ready for an exclusively IP world.

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Recognized as the Best LTE Roaming Product

SAP Digital Interconnect won ‘Best LTE Roaming Product’ category at the LTE Asia awards 2014 with SAP IPX 365.

All Things Roaming and Messaging

Explore the evolution of roaming solutions and services.

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