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SAP Customer Relationship Management


SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community

SAP CRM solutions integrate sales, service and marketing through business processes and enterprise applications. These solutions help organizations manage important customer-focused issues: generating new growth, attaining operational excellence, and enhancing competitive agility. Join the community!

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Lots of new improvements for SAP CRM are on the way

Customer Connection program CRM 2017 just wrapped up - more than 63 improvements delivered. CRM 2018 round started evaluation phase.

Simplifying troubleshooting with Guided Answers

New Guided Answers tool can help you to more easily find solutions for typical issues or questions. Varun shares some insights on how this new tool is used to support CRM Webclient UI troubleshooting.

SAP Launches Support by Product Pages for SAP CRM

The new Support by Product page on for SAP CRM makes it easy for you to access content on different SAP platforms, also from SAP Community. That's why tagging with correct product tag gets even more important.

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