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SAP Customer Data Cloud SOC 2 (ISAE 3000) Audit Report 2020

SAP Customer Data Cloud Platform is a provider of Customer Identity, Consent & Profile management solutions. SAP Customer Data Cloud Platform's Customer Identity, Consent & Profile Management platform helps companies build customer relationships. It allows businesses to increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into customer profiles and integrates data into marketing and service applications.

SAP Customer Data Cloud Platform's platform was designed for social identities, mobile devices, consumer privacy and modern marketing. SAP Customer Data Cloud Platform provides developers with APIs to build and maintain registration, authentication, profile management, data analytics and third-party integrations. Each customer's site has a unique API Key, which is used for identification.

SOC 2 reports fulfill various information and assurance needs of customers and aim to place trust in SAPs service organization systems, processes and controls. These narratives are related to the trust principles Security, Availability, Confidentiality Processing Integrity or Privacy which must be met to demonstrate a well-designed system. SOC 2 also contains details on performed tests and their results.

SAP Customer Data Cloud has regularly prepared SOC 2 Type 2 audit reports by an independent 3rd party accountant. This version of the report covers the audit period 1. April, 2019 through 30. April, 2020, hosted in data centers Beijing and Shanghai, China (Ali Cloud), Dublin, Ireland (AWS); Frankfurt, Germany (AWS); Northern Virginia, USA (AWS); Oregon, USA (AWS) and Sydney, Australia (AWS)and the trust service criteria Security, Availability and Confidentiality.

The use of these reports is restricted. A copy of this report is available for all SAP customers and prospects with non-disclosure agreement in place.

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