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Mint Zhao

Development Manager, SAP Customer Experience

Mint's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


The culture here is unique, never judgmental and constantly nurturing and encouraging you to take bold steps to accelerate the growth journey.

Mint Zhao

Growing up in the Sichuan province in Greater China, I was witness to the technology boom and how it began to influence our daily lives. This motived me to pursue my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the UESTC University in Chengdu and to look for an exciting challenge in the tech industry. During the placement season, I heard of SAP, a leading enterprise company with offices across the globe. After multiple rounds of interviews, I secured an internship as a quality engineer in 2008. And there has been no looking back over the last 11 years.

Experience defines life today. Be it a product, service or a relationship, experience is the key for consistent success. SAP has recognized his need and encouraged our CX organization to understand the customer landscape and co-innovate to deliver real business value globally. As a development manager for the SAP subscription billing and SAP commerce team, I focus on developing high performance teams and motivate my team members to achieve their full potential.

Over my years at SAP, my needs in terms of work life balance have always evolved. However, I have felt supported and reassured that the company will empower me with what is required to deliver my best. As a working mother of two young girls, I have greatly benefited from the flexibility at SAP to ensure I balance the needs of both of my roles effectively. The training opportunities and easy access to subject matter experts ensured my learning journey is ongoing. The exposure to global clients and colleagues from various cultures has enriched me with life changing and memorable experiences.

It’s hard for me to pick one big moment in SAP. The culture here is unique, never judgmental and constantly nurturing and encouraging you to take bold steps to accelerate the growth journey. State of the art campuses, inspiring colleagues, high-end technologies and exciting clients make this journey more enjoyable each day.

Dream big is the one piece of advice I would give the young technology professionals of today. SAP gives you a huge canvas and the power to imagine – it’s really up to you to paint it with the hues that you would like.

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