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Pim Siebeling

BPI Services Portfolio Lead 


We never settle for what we already know. We constantly look for ways to do better. This is what drives me.

Pim Siebeling
BPI Services Portfolio Lead
Finalist of the SAP Services Heroes Awards

Helping Businesses Prepare for the Future, Intelligently

Processes are at the heart of every organization, and companies have a tremendous potential to gain in efficiency by improving their business processes with data-driven insights. SAP’s Business Process Intelligence (BPI) solutions provides the tools that customers need to transform their processes, and lays the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise of the future.

Using data-driven insights with customers is not a new concept; but according to Pim Siebeling, BPI Services Portfolio Lead, SAP is now taking it to the next level. With innovations such as Spotlight by SAP, an intelligent processes solution, the Services Innovation team saw the huge potential in having such detailed insights into process performance and KPIs, and started building a customer-centric services perspective. Pim, as part of that team, knew early on that “we would need a dedicated service organization to support these new capabilities.” Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to jump in and lead the topic within Services, supporting SAP’s goal to become the market leader in BPI. He observed, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for SAP to become a holistic enterprise process expert. We’re really pushing the boundaries on what is possible.”

Pim also sees a lot of synergies between BPI and SAP’s sustainability strategy. As sustainability becomes an increasingly integral dimension for measuring company performance, core business processes become key factors in driving needed social and environmental change. “With business process insights as a foundation, we offer customers a data-driven view on where they can improve, enabling them to become more sustainable as they prepare their businesses for the future,” he said.

Pim moved into the BPI Services Portfolio Lead role during an extremely challenging time, with the onset of the global pandemic and the resulting global lockdowns. Leading a high stakes program with three young children at home was a monumental task; but with the huge impact BPI was having, it wasn’t hard for Pim to stay motivated and curious. “We never settle for what we already know. We constantly look for ways to do better. This is what drives me,” he said.

Since BPI is not restricted to one portfolio area or line of business (LOB), it was important to Pim to set up a strong team and effective cross-collaboration model, especially with everyone working remotely. He found that they needed to excel at the basics: like communicating clearly, setting the right priorities, and ensuring that everyone could contribute to the success of the program. Speaking of his team, he said, “Everyone stepped up to the challenge.”

He is also a strong believer in cross-team collaboration, and has been applying this approach to the BPI Services Portfolio program. He said, “It’s important that we build bridges and not siloes. Especially for a cross topic like BPI; if everyone is doing their own thing, it’s not going to work.”

For Pim, the Services Hero nomination is a recognition by leadership of all the hard work he and his team have been doing. It also shows how important this topic is for SAP. “I truly believe BPI can make a difference for SAP,” said Pim.

With multiple product and service launches coming up, Pim remains 100% focused on BPI. He concluded with, “The next few years will be focused on growth. I’m very excited about what’s still to come.”


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