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Senior Manager in Quality Assurance

Lakshminarasimha's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP is one place where you have opportunities everywhere, if you are rightly skilled and talented it is easy to seize opportunities for growth.


Lakshminarasimha, a Senior Manager in Quality Assurance commutes up to four hours a day from his home in Bangalore. Read on to find out why!


My name is Lakshminarasimha, people call me LN. Although a native of Hassan, India I grew up near Bangalore and am settled in the south of Bangalore, a place I love.

Before joining SAP, I worked for 13 years at a place that was less than 20 minutes away from home. My commute now is 3-4 hours, but it does not really matter much because SAP is THE “Great Place to Work” and South Bangalore is the THE “Best Place to Live”.

SAP’s work culture and environment keeps me motivated and energized to go to office every day.

I work as Senior Manager in Quality Assurance for SAP Fieldglass. This means I lead the Quality Assurance team for SAP Fieldglass in India and also own the responsibility of Application Security for SAP Fieldglass.

I originally joined to lead the Automation Test Team, having heard how great SAP was from friends and colleagues. With immense opportunities, SAP Fieldglass allowed me to grow me laterally into other important areas such as Application Security and Accessibility based my previous experience, expertise and skills.

SAP is one place where you have opportunities everywhere, if you are rightly skilled and talented it is easy to seize opportunities for growth. It was the endless learning opportunities at SAP and employee friendly work culture that attracted me to join.

Reaching 5 years’ milestone at SAP Fieldglass has been the best moment at SAP so far. Having worked for a single company for 13 long years and then changing the job to SAP was not an easy decision and I was always concerned about the work culture and freedom that I would get at SAP. But SAP comforted all my concerns and now I am proud to be here.

My idea of success is just living a humble happy life surrounded by those that I love and having the freedom to do what I love. SAP’s awesome work culture has led me to reach this success. For me it’s not about a job with a large pay-check, or about being famous, rather it is more about being cared for and supported. SAP cares not just its employees but their families too which makes it great.

I am a father of twins and I live with my wife and my parents. During my spare time you would see me either reading a book or playing with the kids.

Regardless of very long commute time to office, SAP has allowed me to have a perfect work life balance. We are a very happy SAP Family.

If you are looking for a place with learning opportunities, employee first policies and friendly work culture while working on top notch products and technologies then your search ends at SAP. It is a great place where you are respected for everything that you are, and you can grow to your appetite.

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