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Get started quickly with SAP and our Partners

At SAP we want to help

SAP and its partners can help with the getting you up and running quickly with solutions to help your customers, your business and your employees.

Keep employees safe and productive

Transform customer experiences

Ensure business continuity

Solutions to keep employees safe and productive

Workplace safety

Mitigate risk with integrated environment, health, and safety management solutions.

On-site employees

Bring your employees and visitors back on-site in a controlled and safe way.

Return to work pulse

Determine when and how to reopen your workplace and re-engage employees.

Workforce symptom check

Contain the spread of COVID‑19 with ongoing symptom checks.

Workforce contact tracing

Manage onsite safety with COVID‑19 contact tracing.

Employee training

Access free training content to address the new protocols of working in a pandemic.

Emergency response communications

Provide real-time updates on COVID-19 and monitor the sentiment of your employees.

Identity access management

Ensure that the proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources.

Model your workforce

Whether you’re furloughing, redeploying, or laying-off staff, or rapidly hiring, you can manage change with workforce modeling.

Collaborate across teams

Improve business communications and information access by connecting customers, partners, and employees.

Recruit employees

See how you can improve recruiter efficiency with Censia, SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, and Eightfold.

Upskill and reskill employees

Deliver an immersive learning experience with a package comprised of SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft and SAP Jam.

Learning management system

Easily create and deliver training anytime to support your remote teams with 12 weeks of free access to over 200 courses with SAP Litmos solutions.

Find temporary workers quickly

Connect businesses that need temporary workers with staffing firms that can supply them.

Location management

Safely re-open, organize onsite employees, and analyze office capacities.

Transform your customers’ experiences

E-commerce experience management

Capture and act on customer feedback to enhance your digital commerce experience.

Customer identity and access management

Deliver a frictionless experience across all touchpoints and build trust with your customers.

Marketing effectiveness

Boost your digital marketing capabilities to increase revenue and optimize ROI.

Customer confidence pulse

Monitor changing customer expectations during COVID-19.

Brand trust pulse

Understand how consumers feel about your brand during COVID-19.

Digital open door

Have two-way conversations with your customers and optimize digital experiences to meet evolving customer needs.

Frontline connect

Get insights from frontline employees on customer issues.

Build the foundation to ensure business continuity

Build and maintain skills

Deploy faster and improve software satisfaction by providing technical teams the skills for implementing and maintaining SAP solutions.

Grow revenue

Boost revenue by offering subscription and usage-based services and speed to the market with agile pricing, automated billing, and comprehensive financial customer care.  

Manage your midsize business

Navigate market uncertainty and quickly scale for future growth with an easy to implement single cloud ERP solution for midsize businesses.

Cost and compliance

No matter what is happening in your world, take steps to ensure you’re managing expenses efficiently.

Manage freight

Boost your supply chain resilience by rapidly providing a transportation platform and access to a logistics network. 

New product optimization

Calculate costs and other dimensions for new products to be reactive to changing market trends and to identify cost drivers and harness cost-savings.

Modernize business planning

Stay ahead by identifying hidden sources of financial and workplace optimization and discovering new opportunities for growth.

Treasury management

Manage working capital, payments, and financial risk with integrated solutions for treasury management.

Global trade services

Improve global trade management and ensure regulatory compliance.

Month-end closing

Close the books quickly while maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the reported results.

Intelligent process management

Automate, enhance, and adapt your business processes to meet changing business conditions.

Integrated business planning

Respond quickly to changing demand with real-time supply chain planning capabilities.

Manufacturing performance

Get real-time data and insights from the shop floor to adapt to changing production plans and labor.

Manufacturing intelligence

Get the intelligence and visibility you need to tightly integrate your manufacturing with business operations.

Mobile asset management

Get your maintenance workforce mobile to extend and improve asset life and reliability.

Warehouse management

Take control of your warehouse operations to keep up with changing demand.

Supply continuity pulse

Understand if your suppliers expect to meet delivery timelines and identify areas to optimize business continuity and recovery plans.

Find suppliers

Mitigate problems in your supply base and deliver significant savings with free access to SAP Ariba Start Sourcing.

Connect buyers and suppliers

Open access to SAP Ariba Discovery, so buyers can post their immediate sourcing needs and suppliers can respond to show they can deliver.

Critical asset distribution

Quickly capture demand for critical assets and manage the process for distribution.

Maximize divestiture value

Get higher prices for your divestitures by reducing the separation risk and cost to your buyers with divestiture independence.

Digital collaboration for suppliers

Get access to SAP digital supplier network membership to enable a digital supply chain.

E-signature management

Streamline your digital transactions with e-signature management.

Bring insights together

Bring intelligent insights together from all types of operational, experience, situational, and analytic sources.

Optimize user performance

Optimize the performance of your SAP software and the people who use it.

Accelerate project implementation

Rely on this sandbox environment to help with uncertainty, underutilization, and constrained resources.

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