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Automazione e sviluppo di aziendali low-code

Crea app, automatizza processi e progetta siti aziendali con la semplicità del drag-and-drop.

Event Spotlights

Webcast: SAP Build Process Automation

Learn how to unleash the potential of your people by empowering them to build automated processes and workflows.

SAP TechEd 2022

Unique virtual experience, accessible to everyone, registration is free.

Hands-on workshops

Build to Win workshop series

Join this series of interactive hands-on workshops provided by SAP partners. Hear from process experts how their customers drive process automation and gain hands-on experience creating low-code automation projects.

Look for more dates to be scheduled

Hyperautomation community series

Watch our guided demo videos exploring real-life process automation uses cases. 

Hyperautomation for Financial Management

September 29

Discover use cases enhancing your financial management solutions. 

Hyperautomation for Procurement

October 20

Explore scenarios increasing the automation rate in your procurement solutions.

Hyperautomation for Human Capital Management

November 3

Learn how to automate manual or semi-manual process steps in your HCM solutions.

Online Events

Browse on-demand webinars

Go beyond the rules of process automation with AI and citizen development

What happens when you combine automation and AI? You re-rewrite the rules of efficiency. Learn how process automation is evolving.

Accelerating innovation with low-code tools

Join leaders from SAP and IDC as they explore key trends and challenges in low-code development. Learn how low-code is changing the way business and IT collaborate.

Surprising scenarios for hyperautomation

SAP and EY experts explain what process automation looks like in Finance, IT, GRC, HR, and Customer Experience.

Breaking the code on low-code platform adoption

IDC and SAP executives discuss the latest research findings from a global survey of 500+ IT and business leaders.

Intelligent Business Documents Processing with SAP Process Automation

Learn how to automate the process of extracting and transferring data from scanned or digital documents with the help of AI enabled Document Information Extraction.

Low-Code/No-Code Spotlight: Introducing SAP Process Automation

Get to know SAP Process Automation, a brand new offering that combines powerful capabilities from SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA.

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