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SAP CRM: Sales

Support the entire sales cycle with integrated, on-premise sales CRM tools

Maximize sales insights and improve processes throughout your pipeline – with the sales capabilities in SAP CRM. These on-premise sales CRM tools cover planning and forecasting, performance and account management, sales analytics, and more.  

Why SAP CRM for Sales?

Because to gain an edge, you need to provide your sales team with real-time insights into customer needs and preferences, purchase history, and product trends and pricing. With the sales capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:


Deliver consistent quotes, orders, contracts, and pricing across all channels using a single CRM and sales platform

Integrate seamlessly with your existing SAP software to improve user adoption, cut costs, and simplify processes

Access real-time, contextual information throughout the sales pipeline — and act faster


Product Capabilities


Key sales capabilities in SAP CRM:

Sales Planning and Forecasting
Paint a complete picture of estimated revenues and product quantities over time – with reliable, accurate sales planning and forecasting.

  • Strategic sales planning
    Communicate strategic plans company-wide, and translate enterprise-level targets into concrete strategies for marketing, sales, and service.
  • Flexible modeling
    Support complex, fast-changing business models in dynamic market conditions.
  • Collaborative planning
    Allow several parties to take part in the planning process through an integrated, Web-based portal.
  • Analytics
    Empower teams with real-time data and analysis, so they can capitalize on past insights and accurately predict the future.
  • Account planning
    Help account managers quantify targets (planned revenue, costs, contribution margins, and more), and measure success with sales tracking.
Account and Contact Management

Capture, monitor, store, and track all critical information about contacts – and gain a single, comprehensive view of all account management activities.

  • Fact sheets
    Gain a 360-degree view of all account information, including sales, marketing, service, planning, logistics, and finance.
  • Buying center
    Capture all key players within an account and leverage these relationships for future opportunities.
  • Interaction history
    Gain real-time visibility into all customer activities, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, contracts, and service requests.
  • Segmentation
    Divide prospects and customers into segments by common characteristics, and accurately target sales and marketing activities.
  • Data quality tools
    Ensure accuracy of sales, account, and contact information to improve overall sales efficiency.
  • Communication technologies
    Deliver consistent, personalized customer interactions across all channels.
Activity Management

Easily schedule and manage your key tasks and appointments – for faster sales times and increased productivity.

  • Groupware and e-mail integration
    Synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar entries, and tasks in Microsoft Outlook and Notes.
  • Visit planning and activity scheduling
    Manage customer visits, account profiles, and activity-driven sales processes.
  • One-to-one e-mail collaboration
    Provide teams with inbound and outbound e-mail capabilities directly in SAP CRM.
Opportunity Management

Capture, manage, and monitor contact and account information for potential opportunities. Maximize visibility into each prospective sale – and implement selling methodologies based on best practices.

  • Opportunity planning
    Create detailed plans of important sales figures (particularly for long-running projects), and analyze accumulated planning figures to provide a solid foundation for sales and production planning.
  • Team selling
    Extend and orchestrate the activities of your sales team to boost collaboration and efficiency.
  • Influence modeling
    Identify all participants in a buying decision and determine each person’s degree of influence.
  • Sales process and selling methodologies
    Leverage standardized best practice methodologies to ensure efficient sales processes.
  • Opportunity analytics
    Identify trends that influence won/lost deals. Increase visibility into expected revenues, the opportunity pipeline, progress, and sales conversions.
Quotation and Order Management

Quickly generate customer quotes, place orders for products and services, and view real-time product availability. Closely track each order throughout the order management process.

  • Pricing management
    Provide online and offline pricing tailored to each customer based on customer type, product, specific quotes, and contracts.
  • Product configuration
    Deploy consistent product configuration rules, processes, and data across all sales channels to ensure customers have access to the right information.
  • Availability check
    Make it easier to carry out material requirements planning and available-to-promise checks.
  • Extended order management
    Support the entire sales order lifecycle – from capture, brokering, and tracking to invoicing and financial settlement.
Sales Contract Management

Work collaboratively with customers to develop and revise contracts throughout the sales contract lifecycle.

  • Contract management
    Develop, verify, revise, and submit customized contracts – from long-term agreements to follow-up sales documents.
  • Collaborative contract
    Negotiate new contracts, guide customers through product selection, create contract inquiries, and send contracts to suppliers.

2-Minute Demo: Sales Contract Management

Sales Analytics

Take advantage of best-in-class sales analytics – including operational reporting, dashboards, business intelligence (BI), and advanced analytics.

  • BI-based sales reporting
    Get actionable insight into sales effectiveness, pipeline opportunities, and activities – organized for your specific role.
  • Interactive reporting
    Give executives, managers, and frontline workers timely, accurate, and actionable customer information via a simplified reporting framework.
  • Dashboards
    Get advanced, real-time sales and BI-based reporting through flexible and interactive dashboards.
Sales Performance Management

Efficiently structure, manage, analyze, and divide your market. Monitor and manage territory and pipeline performance – and optimize compensation plans.

  • Market segmentation
    Segment markets into different territories based on various attributes, including geography, sales areas, and product lines.
  • Territory management
    Monitor time-dependent employee and account assignments, optimize resources, and align territory definitions within your organization.
  • Pipeline performance management
    Help reps and managers plan quotas and proactively manage pipeline activities to achieve sales targets.
  • Incentive and commission management
    Track sales performance, calculate potential compensation, and implement and manage compensation plans.

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