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Woman checking inventory in a wholesale distribution center

Growing your B2B business by becoming agile

Delivering better experiences by predicting changes in buyer demand, and innovating and improving B2B customer engagement.

What our customers are saying

See how our wholesale customers are working with SAP to enable growth with
personalization and new business models.

Personalizing the customer e-commerce experience

Check out how Arrow Electronics delivers a unique and unified omnichannel experience across three digital commerce sites.

95% fewer booking errors in the first four months

Explore how Device Technologies removed risk and eliminated repetitive processes, dramatically improving its customer experience.

Delivering on the promise to feed a nation

Find out how Brakes Bros. shifted its operations to B2C commerce and created a direct-to-consumer channel in seven days.

Deliver relevant content and personalized offers

Become a proactive, insight-driven wholesale distributor.

The future of successful, profitable distributors

Consider how digital technology can help deliver relevant content and personalized offers to each customer at the right time.

The growth of e-commerce investments

Look at the progress industry players have made to boost online brand awareness and create and keep their competitive advantage.

Best practices for the B2B customer journey

Deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time with an intelligent approach to customer experience management.

Grow your wholesale distribution business with our customer experience solutions

Deliver personalized B2B commerce – everywhere

Reach more customers, personalize commerce experiences, boost revenue, and simplify processes with a modern approach to B2B e-commerce.

Exceed expectations with omnichannel service

Increase customer loyalty and drive business growth by providing reliable, personalized omnichannel service and ensuring service excellence.

Build trusted customer and partner relationships

Accelerate time to market, simplify end-to-end identity lifecycle management, and protect against business risks while addressing privacy and compliance requirements.

Find more wholesale distribution solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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