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SAP Supplier Relationship Management



With SAP Supplier Relationship Management, you can evaluate, enable, and engage your suppliers more effectively. Your results are lower costs, increased profits, and a better-run business.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Welcome to the SAP SRM Community. Blog about your experiences with SRM, ask questions of the community, and engage with your peers and content experts.

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Check out our new updated SAP SRM road map for product innovation and integration

Read the road map

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What’s new in the world of UIA?
Need to keep up to date with the User Interface Add on? Need to know what’s new in this exciting area? Stay up to date with the latest features and updates and find all the latest information on deployment and configuration right here.

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Want your say? Here’s how!
Do you want your say in how the SRM Solution looks? Do you have improvements which can make the SRM Solution more intuitive and user friendly? We will create your request here to shape the SRM future!

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A bundle of transactional apps for SAP SRM have been delivered within SAP Fiori 1.0. These apps are also available in Fiori Launchpad, including My Shopping Carts, Approve Purchase Orders, Central Purchase Contract, etc.

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Expert Content

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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Develop your skills and boost your knowledge in SRM area using the materials in SAP Enterprise Support Academy and Troubleshooting Guides created by SRM experts.

Tutorials to Introduce Important Functionalities in SAP SRM:

SRM Tutorials published by SAP Enterprise Support Academy

SRM QuickIQ Tutorials by SAP Enterprise Support Academy – Administration Part

SAP SRM Troubleshooting Guide

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SAP Fiori for SAP SRM

Get an overview about the availability of transactional apps for SAP SRM in Fiori, and also detailed information are linked in SAP Fiori Library.bundle of transactional apps and fact sheets for SAP Supplier Relationship Management that run on the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Brief Introduction to SAP Fiori for SAP SRM 1.0

Fiori Library for SRM Apps:

Approve Shopping Carts

Track Shopping Carts

Confirm Receipt of Goods (SRM)

Approve Purchase Orders (SRM)


SRM Usability Add-on for Shopping Carts

The shopping cart UI add-on can be installed as an add-on to an SRM system with release 700 or higher. The newer SRM releases, for example 714, include the shopping cart UI add-on without further component installation steps. For detailed steps, see Configuration Guide and Wiki Page.

Configuration Guides Cookbooks in note 1911004 - SRM UI Add-on Configuration Guide

All the features for SRM UI Add-on

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SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management

Platform for managing supplier relationships and interactions, and cloud-enabled for outside-firewall deployment and ties in with SAP ERP and/or SAP SRM systems for back-end processes

Brief Introduction

Configuration Guide:

SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SAP SLC)

SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management 2.0 SPS 4

Fiori Apps for SLC Apps:

Question Library for Supplier Evaluation

Manage Purchasing Categories

Manage Questionnaires

Manage Questions - Evaluation/S11OP)

Latest Questions and Answers
Get the Supplier contract data from SAP SRM System.

Hi, We are trying find ways where we can fetch the supplier contract data from a SAP SRM system. Can someone suggest on how or using what this can be achieved like BAPIs, Tables, etc ... Thanks Venkat...

PO Approval Rights should be with Finance or Purchase

Dear Team I would like to have your expert comments / links that PO approval rights for Direct / Indirect material should be with Finance or Purchase department. Here is my view & request to advise fu...

June 4th, 2019
freight cost on PO

Hello, I would like to know if there is a transaction where I can seehow much I paid for a cost of materials. I can see this cost on ME23N, but I would like to know the total cost invoiced for freight...

SAP Enterprise Portal and S/4 HANA 1809 compatibility

Dear All, We are going to upgrade our system to S/4 HANA 1809. We also have SRM 7.0 system in our landscape where the functionalities like Shopping cart ( creation / approval) , Purchase Order etc are...

June 3rd, 2019
Automation of Proforma Invoice

Can any one guide me that once process of sales order into sap which cerates Profirma Invoice and send to customer directly as per mail ID mentioned in Order ?

Approval Process Overview of SRM SC

Dear Experts, We have SRM 7.03 ECS, with different customization made to it. One of those customization involves approval of the Shopping Cart by Multiple processor levels. this can be followed in the...

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