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SAP Trust Center

Find the information you need on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

Data Center Locations

The below map shows the data center locations where the selected SAP cloud services are currently operated. 

How we operate our data centers

In SAP data centers, we take measures that are based on industry and technology standards.

Resource Center

Look inside our data centers to see what they contain and how they are designed.

Zero emissions

Energy efficiency and procurement of green electricity enabled SAP to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the data centers globally.

Secure operations

Protecting our data centers is of high importance at SAP. At regular intervals, both outside organizations and SAP check whether the technology and infrastructure are operating smoothly. 

Certified security

SAP regularly undergoes internal and external audits and reviews of its policies and controls, including data security and data protection regulations worldwide. 

Optimized value

Improved hardware use, simplified interfaces, and uninterrupted operations help data centers run efficiently. Depending on the cloud solution, technologies such as virtualization, multi-tenancy, and adaptive computing play a critical role in providing high-quality cloud services.

Data Center FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

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