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SAP TechEd News Guide 2022

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SAP Customers and Partners Can Now Get More of the Solutions They Need – Online, in Minutes

At SAP Store, we continue SAP’s journey towards providing greater self-service purchasing options for both our customers and partners. We’ve rolled out an online buying option within SAP Store, making it easier than ever for SAP customers – as well as partners with cloud contracts – to digitally purchase more of what they already have with their existing pre-negotiated terms and conditions. They can now manage existing SAP cloud software subscriptions more easily, reducing the time to do so from an average of six hours to under six minutes.

SAP Commerce Cloud – Innovate Faster with a Flexible and Composable Commerce Solution 

With our SAP Commerce Cloud enhancements, agile innovations and intelligent decision making are made easier. You can gain agility and flexibility with a composable, de-coupled storefront, scale business model innovations and best-in-class B2B buying experiences faster, create smarter engagement for your customers, and deliver a more seamless employee experience with optimized and accessible business tools.

SAP and the NHL Develop NHL Venue Metrics, a New Sustainability Platform to Help Reduce the League’s Ecological Impact

To help lessen carbon footprint and mitigate the impact of global climate change, SAP and the NHL have created a new platform called NHL Venue Metrics, powered by SAP. The end-to-end, cloud-based platform enables the NHL to measure and analyze the carbon footprint generated by its Clubs and arenas across various areas, including energy, water, waste, and recycling.

SAP Sustainability Control Tower Update Opens Powerful New Opportunities for Holistic ESG Management

Corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management has become a catalyst for companies to minimize their carbon footprints, reduce waste, and create fair, safe, and just working environments for employees. The new SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution, now generally available, offers what companies are looking for today to run more sustainably.

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