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Find Your Gap – Echtzeit Parkinformationssysteme GmbH

Customer Snapshot: Overview

Winner of the Gold EMEA Quality Award for Innovation in Austria

Finding parking is one of the major frustrations of city life. Find Your Gap decided to do something about it. They placed sensors at parking spots around Vienna, Austria to monitor their availability and share this information with drivers seeking a spot. 

Find Your Gap – Echtzeit Parkinformationssysteme GmbH

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Line of Business
Sales, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, SAP Hybris Service Cloud

Vienna, Austria

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Professional Services

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live, Clean Planet & Climate Change

Through connections between the sensors and the SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Customer solution, drivers now have one less thing to worry about as they go about their day.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

What is Your Time Worth?

Driving around looking for parking can take an average of 12 minutes of your precious time each day. Frustrated drivers looking to save time and use less fuel now have an alternative. Find Your Gap has created easy-to-install sensors and made them available for purchase by cities and companies operating large-scale parking spaces such as malls or supermarkets. 


Each sensor can monitor several parking spots at a time, to locate available spaces and display them on mobile devices. Subscribers can download an app to help them locate the spot closest to their destination. This paid service helps customers, eases traffic congestion, and reduces pollution.

Find Your Gap is designed for anywhere people need to find parking spaces.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

No Digging Required

Find Your Gap is rolling out the first iterations of their service in Vienna, Austria, with hopes of expansion to large, congested cities and parking lots all over the world. Cities and companies purchase the sensors and can position them in various locations such as adjacent to street lighting, where each sensor can monitor up to 20 parking spaces at once.

Installation to full operation takes less than 20 minutes – no digging or additional infrastructure required. For companies operating large-scale parking spaces such as malls or supermarkets, Find Your Gap offers 360º sensors covering 1,500 square meters of parking space for optimal open air parking space management.

The Challenge

Making Sense of Sensors

Find Your Gap needs to process vast amounts of sensor data in real-time and deliver it to customers seeking an open parking spot. This requires a strong, cloud-based data management system that provides a single system capable of detecting, analyzing, and sharing information on available parking spaces.

Enter SAP

Making Sense of Data in the Cloud

For a small startup with plans to roll out globally, SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Customer was a clear choice from the beginning. The system could feed sensor data to the cloud and provide real-time updates and data availability. Maintenance is easier in the cloud as well, and the scalability of the solution allowed for room to grow, making SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer an ideal solution for this nascent company.

A logical choice.

The SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution is the best choice for organizations that aim to serve a multinational market and reach consumers in different countries. – Jürgen Ruprechter, CEO, Find Your Gap – Echtzeit Parkinformationssysteme GmbH

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Making Secure Connections with Customers

Find Your Gap incorporated their network of mobile sensors into SAP Hybris Service Cloud. Find Your Gap was also able to leverage SAP’s extensive experience with customer service to create a great customer experience and delight drivers looking for a parking spot.

Ideal for startups.

With SAP’s considerable expertise and dedication to customer service, Find Your Gap is able to better engage and delight customers. – Jürgen Ruprechter, CEO, Find Your Gap – Echtzeit Parkinformationssysteme GmbH

Better Business

Better for Customers, Better for the Environment

The cloud-based solution ties together the sensors, the app, and the customers, and that isn’t just a big win for people looking for parking spaces in a crowded city. Less circling the block for a spot means fewer cars congesting the road and less pollution over all. Find Your Gap is helping make the world a greener place, one parking spot at a time.

The software connects the sensors to the apps.

Better Business: Benefits

Efficiencies Gained

The company is benefiting from more efficient customer interaction across all channels. Strict local regulations had been a barrier to entry for many cities, however the new solution is fully compliant with European data protection regulations, so it is now feasible for additional cities and companies across Europe to adopt the technology without worrying about compliance issues.

More ways to stay in touch with customers.

Better Business: Run Simple


Giving Expansion a Green Light

With a single repository for all data collected, the system allows for greater transparency while requiring fewer resources to manage and update as needed.

Seamless integration.

Journey Ahead


Going Global

The company’s founders started the service in one city, but they have ambitious plans for a bigger, brighter future. The portable nature of the sensors, app, and database makes it easy for expansion and adoption of the technology across the world.

Bigger things on the horizon.

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